Okay, so it may not seem like a big thing for a new kid to show up, but here in our tiny town there is like, NEVER a new kid (Last time we had one, it was me, three years ago) and there were three of them! And obviously they weren't related, one had hair as fair as the morning sun, the second had hair as black as midnight, and the third's colored a fiery red, the only similarities they shared was their height (all tall) and their pale skin, though Black-Hair looked tanned. [It made the Red-Hair look though it suited Fair-Hair)

"Becky, you're staring" Cathy murmured, nudging my arm.
I tore my gaze away from the Boys (I'm just going to call them that until I learn their names) and muttered something I didn't quite catch myself and stole up to the front of the bus, behind the Boys, ignoring the look that I knew Cathy was giving me.

"We should've walked Lee, there's too many people staring"I heard the red-haired one whisper urgently into the black-haired ones ear, Lee.
"I don't care, Father said not to!" Lee whispered back.
"No Buts, He said to" Lee said, cutting Red-Hair off.
"Lee, Merryl, stop arguing before you attract more attention!" the Fair-Haired scolded. Merryl, eh? Sounds kind of Irish, or was it Greek? Dunno… I should really pay more attention in class…

"Whatever Light" Merryl muttered, covering up the distinct 'Killjoy' that Lee murmured. I let out a laugh then quickly covered my mouth, my eyes widening as Fair-Hair, err, Light turned to look at me.
"Something we say funny?" he asked giving me an icy glare, making the animal inside me want to rear up and run away, but I held my ground.
"Yes, the fact that your friends don't respect you" now we had the attention of Merryl and Lee.
"Actually they are my brothers" he said with a confident smirk like he just won. Wrong.
"Well you certainly don't seem like it" I shot back, determined to win (my father always said I was 'Bullheaded')
"Maybe we're not related in blood, ever think of that?" and now the whole bus is listening in. He made a move to grab me, but his brothers grabbed his arms before he could.
"Ha, looks like your brothers know not to hit a girl" I said snidely.

"Carlson! Rhineheart! Watch it or it's detention for both of you!" Mr. Moore (our bus driver) yelled at us.
"Whatever" I told him, there goes not getting in trouble…
"That's it, Detention for talking back!" he said getting red in the face. Why is it that he gets mad so easily?

"Isn't that called being a smart-ass?" some guy asked, morons the lot of them all (boys)
"Who said that?" he Mr. Moore asked angrily turning around, nearly killing us.
"Why don't you get your fat-ass up and find out?" another one said, and everyone on the bus laughed at this. I didn't think it was even possible to be so red without blowing up…

Finally we pulled up in front of the school, but before Moore could get up and grill us, I was up and out the door, probably leaving a little dust trail like the roadrunner running from Wily Coyote.
"It's not smart to do that, I'm new and I already know" I heard someone say behind me, causing me to jump and let out a yelp. I quickly turned and punched whoever laughed, to no avail because no one was there. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy…

I turned around and screamed (again) Lee was in front of me, no expression or emotion on his face except for a slight smile.
"Jerk" I told him, getting back to my senses.
"Oops" he said sarcastically, jerk, "I just need someone to show me around"
"Don't they tell you who to do that?"I asked brushing past him, hoping to leave him behind to no avail; he just followed alongside me.
"Yep, they said Rebecca Rhineheart, which is you right?"
I sighed, "Yup, Double R, but don't even think about calling me that, call me Becky"
"Okay, I'm-"
"I know who you are" I said, cutting him off rather brusquely; I was worried instantly he'd be offended, but for once I had some luck, sorta…
"Someone isn't a morning person" he teased.
"Whatever just give me your schedule" I responded, not enjoying this conversation very much.
"Sure" and he handed me his schedule.
"Okay, this should be easy enough, you have homeroom, 1st, and 2nd with me, along with 8th" I said looking over it, "And I know all the teachers so I can show you the others"
"Cool, so, just follow you then?"
"No, you follow the magical leprechaun, yes you follow me!"
"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed" he muttered under his breath.
"Heard you"
"You were meant to"

I like this one here.

So after some time I showed Lee all of the classes he didn't have with me and we went down to Homeroom and talked then headed off to Math (Cue groan on our parts) where our Math teacher (Mrs. Johnson) and we were ever so delighted to hear that we were due to have a lecture on the rules (another groan). And then Light walked in. This just got a helluva lot more interesting.