People say love exists. They say they've been through it. But I know its not. If it was real, it wouldn't hurt. Sure their has been boys but, none that were enough for me to fall for. Even if it does exist it never lasts. Something or someone always screws it up. I know it. Do you? It's a hard lesson to learn, so I don't blame you if you don't. Being an orphan with a dead little sister, Mother, and Father proves it. Four years ago I went out to a friends, but the morning I came back, there was no one for me to come back to. My mother, Father, and little sister were murdered while I had fun. I will never forgive myself for that. Never.

I am now sixteen. I live in the local orphanage or The House and go to the public school some times. I sighed and got of my creaky old bed.'' Still feeling sorry for yourself I see.'' My roommate, Penny sneered. I hadn't told my story, not even to her. No one knows how I got here, or why I am. She glared at me with her strong grey eyes and stormed out the room. I followed her with my eyes until she rounded the corner and I could no more. I slipped a hair bow into my long black hair. My deep green eyes had the usual amount of sorrow and despair swimming in them.

I walked out and prepared myself. I stood in the dinner line with my head hung down. Someone pushed against my shoulder, but I paid them no attention. Its nothing major here just to get bumped. I picked up my cool silver tray and set it down on the shelf, careful not to make a loud sound to attract attention. The lunch lady takes it and slopes something edible at least on it. I take it to a little table by the window. No one joins me, and I don't want them to. I'm fine alone. In this place, your alone. You may talk with the others and you may sit by them but in all, your alone. That's why were called orphans after all.

I watch some younger ones who were just brought here be shoved in. Their afraid. There's no hiding it. It masks their faces as they cry. Their shoved into a chair and told to shut up. They cling to each other, probably hoping this is all a dream. I felt that way. Their most likely sisters. I can tell by their large brown eyes and different shades of brown hair. I forked the nasty but edible food down my throat. The bell rang and we were escorted out to the gymnasium. Its nothing but four solid walls with two widows and one door. I stood in line with my head hung low. When we were in I sat against the wall. Here there are five groups. The Seniors, the ones like me who understand what you have to do here to survive, The Hatchlings, the ones who just arrived and are scared and don't know what to do. The Easys, they flirt with the cooks and anyone else as long as they get what they want. The Darks, the ones who do nothing but curse at the system. And finally the Rebels. There are none left here. The rebels used to fight for them and us, but were killed or turned to Darks.

I'm a Senior, like most of us. Penny is an Easy. Some times they take her out for dates or whatever. Some times they exchange kisses or I love you. Or more. She fakes the entire thing. Just to get around but I think its not worth it. She hates me so much because I'm not one. At least that's what I assume.'' Fawn.'' My name. I look up at the teacher motioning to the door. I nod and get up. My feet scuffle out the door and take me on the familiar route to my room.

I opened the door and sat on the bed with my hands in my lap. I sigh as Penny comes in. She sits in her desk and rubs some make up on her cheeks and face.'' Another one?'' I ask.'' Yes in fact another one. The glorious life of an Easy.'' She replied. I struggled a snort that was coming up. I nod. She walks out and slams the door behind her. I lay down in my bed and fight the tears. I hold my covers as I remember that night.

'' Hello?''

'' Hi is this Fawn Tetra?''

'' Yes.''

'' We need you to head down to the police station.''

I hung up the phone and stared with tears welding up in my eyes at Quinn. Her mom pilled us both into the car and drove me down. Questions swam and buzzed around my head as we rounded the corner and parked. Quinn went in with me and held my hand. A woman was waiting for me with a sad expression on her face.'' Are you Fawn?'' She asked me. I nodded weakly. She leads me and Quinn to a door. I read


over and over. She moves to open it but I shove my way through. I push past the door and run in. I cry out at the sight of three beds with sheets covering what was underneath. I pulled them out and my waterfall started. There was my little two year old sister. Her blue/green eyes were shut. Her face was pale and cold. Old and dried blood clung to her white blonde hair. My mother had her dark black hair strewn around. My fathers bleach blonde hair was too. They were freezing to the touch, cold, and gone. '' No!'' I cried.

I shook myself. I'm here now. Not their. Don't live in the past. I sighed and turned in my bed. I fell into sleep with that treacherous dream lingering in my thoughts.