I yanked myself out of the old nightmare. sweat creased my brow, warm to the touch. The same one over and over until I wake. My family, bloody and dead.

Cold. Staring at me through frozen eyes. '' Finally I thought you'd never stop screaming.'' Penny mumbled. ''Sorry.'' I said as I shifted from the bed. The covers slipped off my skin as I urged myself up and off the bed.

She rolled her eyes.'' Hey did they push i through that thick little skull of yours what today is?'' She asked.

Confusion clouded my eyes. ''No, but your being nice to me so I assume more guards or people are coming.'' I replied. A smug smirk formed her face. ''Bye bye!'' She called as she left. Loneliness washed over me. I know she's not the best of company but she's a human with a pulse, breathing. I stumbled from my bed and to my shared closet. I quickly changed to jeans and a tee as chills crept along my spine.

I glanced at the door before slipping the brush through my hair, taming it flat. The bristles prickled along my skull, a feeling. I slipped my hair band in and swept from the room.

My small, gaunt figure floated down the hall, following my daily routine. I walked along into the eating room, or cafeteria as you call it. But like I said, things are different here. My feet automatically shifted over to the food line. My fingers curled around the cool metal. My grip tightened, causing my knuckles to whiten.

Something was forced onto my tray. I hung my head and walked to my normal table.

''Mind if I sit?''

I looked up to a boy. Not exactly a boy more of my age. His spiked mocha brown hair was strewn all over his face, almost covering his lighter hazel eyes. A blush threatened to burn on my cheeks, but I pushed it down. I shook myself.'' Um, yeah sure.'' I replied uneasily.

A smile consumed his lips as he slid into the chair next to me. Heat radiated off his skin, splashing mine.

'' What's your name?'' He asked me. His mixed eyes softly looked into mine, like stealing all my secrets.'' Fawn.'' My name sounded foreign even as it passed my lips. '' I'm Justin.'' He added. I let the smallest of smiles crease my lips.

'' Is this stuff even edible?'' He asked. His eyes light up with tease. ''I barley ever eat it.'' I said.

'' So that's why everyone here is so skinny.'' Only after his comment did I notice his strong build. Muscles rippled along his shirt and arms. I could see just by the way he was he was strong, but he didn't try to show it.

'' Or anorexic.'' I added. I'm opening up, and I'll wind up getting hurt. I recoiled but didn't even move to stop the mirrored smile that crept along my lips. '' So Fawn, how long you been stuck here?'' He asked me. I spooned through my soup? Swashing the strange liquid, then forcing it down my throat.

I shivered and bit back a retch.'' Four years.'' I replied. He whistled, sending rushes through my cheeks. '' I got taken from my father. Druggies you know.'' He added.'' Oh, I'm sorry.'' I leaned closer for support. His eyes flashed, only long enough for me to catch.

'' Yeah, I'll live. Never met my mom so I'm good.'' He added. I made attempt to smile, but it wouldn't form.

'' Gym next right?'' He asked. I nodded, almost absolutely shocked. He held out his hand with a warm smile on his face. To my shock I reached out and took it. As we were directed to the gym I slowly slipped my fingers from his, letting it sway at my side.

'' Not the talkative type?'' He asked. I shook my head, no. He nodded, seeming to understand. We sat in the gym together side by side. Barley talking, but words were said. Talking to him was easy, the easiest thing I had done since that night.

Then the shot rang in the air. A girl clutched her chest across from me, then another clutched their hip, next to me. Until one boy was killed behind me, to the head.

I just then realized I was huddled in Justin's chest. Him shielding me from any stray bullet. Or the bullet for me. A bright blush burned on my cheeks. ''I'm, I'm-'' I shook myself and scooted from Justin. ''To your rooms now!'' The "teachers" barked. Justin's eyes locked on me as the kids scattered. ''Thank you.'' I whispered before bolting away, leaving him confused and worried. The moment I saw my door I shoved in, spotted Penny, and locked it. Sliding my back along the soft wood until I hit the floor.

The shot was for me.

But who would kill me?