Mischa here! This is my new story written for Nat. I hope you enjoy!

David rolled over in bed and groaned his hangover hitting hard. He blinked at the automatic overhead lights.

"Off." He muttered and turned over so he could go back to sleep.

"This action had been over ridden." The computerized voice said. David froze.

"I'm the captain of this ship, who the hell has the authority to override my command?"

"The order was given by first mate Lake." The computer responded.

"That son of- Lake!" He barked into his communicator bracelet.

"You get up here right now!" He shouted. A few minutes later the door slid open. His abnormally tall first mate stepped through.

"Morning David." Chris Lake said in a voice that was clearly prepared for what was coming next.

"It's captain today!"

"Yes Captain." Lake said.

"Now why the hell won't the light respond?"

"Jane didn't want you staying in bed hung-over today." Lake said and David rolled his eyes at their third crewmate.

"Well if you are going to let some mechanic order you around, that's your business just don't mess with mine!" David growled.

"I can't control her." Lake said and David snorted.

"I don't have time to babysit a mechanic, that's your job. You're the one who got me to hire her in the first place." David said and Lake rolled his eyes.

David sat back down on the bed and rubbed his sore eyes.

"Have fun at port?" Lake asked,

"Sure, getting into bar fights, getting too drunk, having a woman come and act real friendly until you notice the tan line on her ring finger, yeah, it's the life."

Chris, didn't say anything for a moment then he said,

"Well, we unloaded the cargo and the new shipment will come in about five hours. We're at port until then. Usually however, you at least wait for me to get drunk with you." He said David face planted into the pillow and groaned.

"What's eating you?" Chris asked. The hung-over professional smuggler surfaced just long enough to say two fatal words.

"Abigail's back."

Mechanic/assistant smuggler, or as she liked to call it ASS, Jane Flanagan was in the boiler room and for the hundredth time trying to reason with the big hunk of space metal, that was supposed to fly them safely.

"Oh c'mon, just pump the water!" She shouted blowing a curl out of her face.

"You know you have oil on your nose." John said lazily from his corner.

"Shut up." Jane said through gritted teeth, she really didn't want to deal with his bastard self and his equally gorgeous looks. He gave a laugh and stood up. John Snow was the ships man of all work (any odd job around it was his) though he was also in charge when neither David nor Chris were around, which meant he got to boss her around. That was one of the drawbacks of being the only femaf on board of a four member crew.

"Hey John." A voice from behind them said. Jane looked over her shoulder, from where she was crouched, and saw Chris leaning against the doorframe. Her heart fluttered just watching him leaning with his t-shirt already stained with motor oil and his favorite jeans fraying. She tossed her head back severely, staring at the pump in front of her as if her life depended on it.

"Don't you dare think about him like that, it's not worth it getting in bed with one of them because next thing you know you're out of the bed, off the ship and out of a job!"

She told herself and it worked, sort of. She glanced back and saw Chris talking to John in a low voice. John's eyes widened.

"Think she'll try to contact him?" He asked. Chris shrugged. Jane watched confused and stood up. Chris looked surprised as if he hadn't noticed her and she spoke up,

"Who's here?"

"Nobody." John muttered but Chris gave him a kick.

"She has the right to know," he said

"Know what?" Jane asked again, getting irritated.

"The Captain's ex is in the same port as we are."

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