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"Uh…Chris the turbulence has stopped." She said and Chris's face grew redder.

"My towel slipped." He said and Abigail nearly died from embarrassment as she realized that the only thing keeping that towel up was her thigh against his leg.

"Okay, I'll just close my eyes and you'll-"

"What the HELL is going on here?"

Abigail knew that if Jane hadn't been planning on killing her for the past week, she was going to now. Chris's eyes filled with horror as he turned and saw Jane with her arms crossed and her eyes filled with anger. Only Abigail saw for a second the slight quiver in her lip and the flash of hurt on her face.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Chris said immediately.

"Oh, like I haven't heard that one before!" She said and turned on her heel and walked off.

"Oh jeez." Abigail muttered and Chris was already halfway down the hallway, holding his towel in place.

"Jane, wait!" He shouted after her.

"Don't talk to me!" She shouted back and Abigail followed Chris. She rounded the corner and caught him as he was about to follow Jane into her room.

"Chris, stop!" She said. He stopped and looked at her,

"I have to talk to her." He said and Abigail stopped him again.

"Not like that, you're not and knowing Jane, you might want to give her some time to cool down first." Chris hesitated then looked down at himself as if realizing what he was wearing for the first time.

"You're right." He said and ran a hand through his hair. It took a few minutes to do it, but Abigail was able to shoo him away from the door and she typed in her code. Jane was lying on her bed, with her back to Abigail. She didn't even acknowledge her but Abigail could see the imperceptible shuddery lift of her shoulders that indicated crying.

"Jane?" Abigail asked tentatively,

"Go away." Her voice was thick and Abigail stood her ground. She tried to be gentle with her,

"Jane, please, it's not what it looks like."

"I said, go away!" Jane said and Abigail knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with this and left the room. Later that night at dinner it was jus Abigail and the boys. Chris sat there looking miserable until the door slid open to reveal Jane.

"Sorry I'm late." She said and stepped through.

"That's fine, we saved some for you." David said, without a clue that was going on. Which was just as well since instead of taking her usual spot next to Chris, Jane sat down in the chair next to David and leaned towards him.

"How sweet of you" she said, her voice a littler breather then usual and her eyes batted up at him. Abigail watched, and teeth clenched as she saw Jane creep her fingers up the back of David's neck.

"So what are you doing tonight captain?" Jane said, crossing her legs and brushing her foot against his leg. David was catching on and he moved his chair out of range.

"Just, you know, captains stuff." He said and Jane leaned forward as if deathly interested even though anyone could tell that she knew the "captains stuff" backwards and forwards.

"I'd love to watch, or help in any way I can." She said. John was sniggering behind his hand; Chris looked like he had been punched in the stomach but Abigail saw red. This was underhanded, sneaky and her job!

"Jane, can I talk to you, outside?" She said through gritted teeth, Jane raised her eyes in a nonchalant attitude and followed her out. As soon as they were out of hearing range Abigail turned on Jane sharply.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing with David?" She shouted

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing with Chris?" Jane shouted back at her.

"That was an accident!"

"Oh is that what you call it?" Jane said crossing her arms.

"Well what you were doing with David was no accident! I guess that's how you got onto the ship!" Abigail said. Jane looked speechless for a second and then she reached out and pushed Abigail. Abigail regained her footing and reached forward and slapped Jane hard. Soon the two were on the ground, shouting curses at each other and trying to main each other as much as possible.

"Whore!" Jane said grabbing a fistful of Abigail's hair.

"Slut!" Abigail shouted back and managed to kick Jane off her and land and punch on her stomach. The sound of running feet hit their ears, but they didn't stop fighting even as all three men entered the room.

"All right! Cat fight!" John said. David and Chris ignored him as they ran and each grabbed one of them around the middle and hoisted them away from each other. They struggled against them, wanting to get back and spill some blood.

"Let go of me you bastard!" Abigail said and she tried to elbow David in the groin. He grunted in pain but didn't let her go.

"If you don't stop, you shall be dropped off at the next port with nothing but what you have on your back!" David roared. Abigail went still and saw Jane had too. When he trusted she wouldn't fight Jane anymore, he let her go.

"What the hell is going on here?" He growled back at her. Abigail crossed her arms and glared at Jane.

"I think it's obvious that this girl can't just stay away from one guy!" Jane tried to move forward but Chris held her shoulders fast.

"I saw Abigail in a compromising situation with Lake!" Jane said. David's face seemed to lose the blood for a second and then it came back. With a deathly calm expression, he focused on Chris.

"You were doing what with Abigail?" He said slowly.

Chris looked terrified.

"It was an accident." He said hastily. David's face grew darker.

"What was?" He said stepping closer. Chris held up his hands in defense.

"I was walking back to my room from the showers and the turbulence hit, Abigail was there so I accidently bumped into her. It looked bad but that was all!" Chris looked as innocent as he possibly could and it was a few minutes before David nodded,

"Fine." He said and turned to Jane and Abigail.

"If I catch either of you making any trouble aboard this ship, I will see personally that you never set foot on here again!" Abigail stared defiantly back at him and then turned and walked away. Jane wrenched her arm out of Chris's grasp and went in the opposite direction. David sighed,

"They could be great friends."

John looked at him in disbelief.

"They were at each other's throat!" He said and David nodded,

"That's just was Abigail Hunters right before she wants to be friends with someone."

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