He slowly opened his eyes, a great white light enveloping his vision. But it didn't seem to bother him. He looked to his left. A plain white wall, nothing too interesting. To his right, a black swivel chair, a desk with papers with a bleached-white desktop, and a giant, sparkling mirror.

Noticing that he was lying down on a cold, hard surface, he attempted to sit up and wander. But he couldn't. He glanced down to his ankles, which were in shackles along with both of his wrists. His entire torso was strapped down with long leather straps, and needles surrounded him. For some reason, he could hear muffled voices coming from the giant mirror, and when he turned to look, he could see the small outlines of another room and two people.

"Hello? Who's there?" he tried to ask, but no words came out, as he was muzzled.

So here he was, no idea of who he was, where he was or how he got there. He could hear voices and see things in a mirror, and he was strapped like a madman to what felt like a giant concrete platform surrounded by really long needles.

Now, he was scared.

He struggled and attempted to scream, and to his surprise, he easily broke his bondages like they were made of wet liquorice. He got up and looked at the mirror to see what he looked like, and maybe even be reminded of who he was. He ripped off his muzzle with little effort, and stared at his pale-blue T-shirt that hung loosely on top of a plain, bleached-white long-sleeved shirt. He wore dark blue cargo jeans with zippers on the knees, along with bleached-white sneakers with bright red soles and an 'X' pattern at the bottom. But the part that surprised him the most was probably his wild hair. It seemed like organized chaos, with three equally-sized spikes hanging out as the bangs (each about two thirds the size of his arms), five much smaller spikes at the back and six more spikes, three for each side of his head, each spike bigger then the last one.

And it was blue. He had bright blue hair.

"Well… that's not normal." He said casually.

Just then, the two figures in the mirror stopped their conversation and turned excitedly towards the source of the young voice, seeing a strange blue-clad boy with extremely wild hair. The room they were in was what seemed to be like a state-of-the-art lab facility, surrounded by computer boards, massive moniters, test tubes, chemistry sets, and piles of… girl's manga? Obviously, these people were very smart (and not very manly) computer nerds, hired for something that had to do with him. But, what was that something, exactly?

Curious, he slowly approached the mirror, each step echoing in his strange white cell. The two scientists trembled more and more as he approached the mirror, clenching onto their swivel chairs and slowly scooting away from the mirror and sinking into their seats in fear. He knocked on the mirror and was going to say, "Hey, do you know where I am?" but when he knocked, the entire right side of the mirror shattered and crashed, the scientist nearest to it flying straight into the series of computers and vaults behind him, knocking him unconcious. Now that the there was a massive, gaping hole in the mirror he could hear clearly what was going on inside that lab. The remaining scientist started snickering and sniveling in fear and sheltered his face as he curled up in a ball and squinted for fear of being the next 'victim'.

The young boy looked confused at his strange behaviour, though he himself would probably act the same if he was in that situation.

"Hey, uh… what's wrong?" He asked out of sheer confusion.

"S-stay away from me!" the scientist sniveled, "I-I-I've got a g-gun!"

The boy just ignored him.

"Yeah, sorry about your mirror…" he turned to face the unconcious scientist, scratching his head in embarrassment. "And your, ah, … colleague…"

"I-I s-said stay away!" The scientist shouted.

"Hey, why do you fear me so much? I didn't mean to do it…!" just then, he noticed that in the scientist's lower hand, hidden beneath his trenchcoat, he had a revolver, fully loaded, aimed straight at his head.

"Hey, what are you doing with that-" *click*.

He pulled the trigger. With a loud BANG, the tiny bullet rocketed outwards and towards the boy's forhead. Swiftly and without thinking, he managed to dodge the bullet like it was nothing, even though the gun was almost directly at point blank (he was very close to the scientist, almost looming over him in a way).


The scientist had already squirmed almost comically towards the alarm, yanking down on the large switch and yelling, "CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE! SET SECURITY SYSTEMS TO MAXIMUM CAPACITY! EVERYONE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!"

Sirens wailed. Alarms howled. Bells rang. Safe doors slammed violenty. Lasers popped out of everything and anything as long as it was possible. Guards rushed to the laboratory entrance. The remaining scientist gathered his copies of "Yuumi's Adventure" while trying to wake up his fellow colleague.

"Well… this isn't good." He observed, standing in a ready position.

A strong-built man with a riot shield and long M16 pushed his way up to the front of the security, his pitch-black helmet having six blood-red stars on it and a bright green stylised 'K' underneath it. He seemed very important.


The boy thought for a moment, then remembered the needles, the straps and the mirror. Nothing here could have been good for him.

"No thanks. I think I'll tak my chances with the 'consequences'."


"And would you stop shouting? It gets annoying after a while."


The general sank into the army of K.E.S.S.O. members, as bullets rained down on the boy, and dozens of rockets fired from seemingly nowhere. Still, though, like with the scientist, he managed to dodge each and every one of the bullets, and kicked each of the rockets into walls so no one would get hurt. When everyone stopped to reload, he took the time to try to reason with them.

"Look… I don't want to fight you guys. Heck, I don't even know who I am. But I bet that you do, and you all know that you can't and won't win against me if you tried to fight me. So here's a deal: You tell me who I am, why I am here and what you did with me, and I'll go away quickly and silently-"

Gunfire. More ignorant gunfire. Don't forget the whistleing rockets, either.

"WOULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME?" He shouted peeved, as he roundhouse kicked a rocket out of his way and managed to nail a melee soldier with a backfist.

"I don't have time for this," he moaned.

The young boy leaped over the wave of soldiers, grabbing a stray rocket and steering and careening through the waves of lazers, barrages of bullets and rows of missiles, while, unbeknownst to him, a strange masked man lay hidden in the shadows, aiming his splitted sword dead for the boy's chest. Standing nonchelantly, he pointed it straight in his direction, all the while glowing an ominous black aura. However, someone managed to shoot the rocket the boy was riding, just as he had reached the third bridge of the massive laboratory and past the second wave of K.E.S.S.O. soldiers. The blast sent the boy straight down the spiralling staircase and into the third bridge, and out of the mysterious sniper's view.

"Dammit," he quietly swore, and vanished into the third bridge.

"Agh!" The boy cringed as he tumbled down the staircase, off the railing and into a fifty-foot drop down into his destination. "Dang," he thought, "Not the way I wanted to leave this place."


He landed straight on his head, and he felt an intense pain zap up his spine and ripple throughout his body. Everyone stood glaring at the massive crateria that had appeared before them, as smoke and rubble wandered left and right. Then, the smoke cleared and a young blue boy stood spralled and engraved into the pavement, face-down. Just then, the dark figure reappeared hidden atop a toppelled marble pillar that was formerly supporting the foundation of the laboratory before the crash.

"Hmp. Looks like he killed himself FOR me…" He sheathed his glowing sword. "Well, I guess that means less work for-"

"*ugh,ugh…*" The young boy struggled to get up as he peeled himself off of the marble floor.

"*hUgGh…* Huh? I'm… I'm still alive?"

"WHAT? HE'S STILL ALIVE?" The sniper mentally shouted. (he wants to stay ninja ;-] )

"He's… still alive!" One of the soldiers exclaimed.

"…Well…" The boy decided, "Might as well get out of here. It doesn't look like I'm gonna get anything out of these guys…" But just as he walked out of the wreckage and onto the staircase to the second bridge (everyone was too amazed or startled to attack), the dark sniper had already taken his mark and fired several arrows of lightning-fast evil energy. The boy just noticed the attack and tilted his torso just before the arrows hit, and he deflected another with a inside chest block and another with a kick. But as he spun around to dodge two more that skinned his waist, two more sneaked around and got him in the left of his chest, wizzing right through him and sending him spinning into the wall to the right of the staircase.

"Heh," The sniper snickered, "There's no way he could have survived that, especially after that fall…" The boy twitched, and got up. That's not to say he wasn't hurt, though, and he felt intense burning spread into his chest. He gripped his chest and silently limped over towards the staircase.

"H-how did he…" the sniper thought, "…Agh, never mind. He fell down a freakin' staircase, I don't think a dark bullet would have hurt him anyway. The important fact is that he's getting away, and on MY WATCH." He then vanished straight in front of the boy, his sword pointed straight at his face. But he swiftly grabbed the blade, punched his assailant in the face and disarmed him completely. He took his sword and snapped it in two on his knee, then launched away the sniper with a full-fledged high kick, sending him flying through the ceiling and onto the fourth floor.

His mask smashed, his weapon useless, there he vanished regretfully to the place from which he came, muttering words of revenge and angste.

It wasn't long before the young boy stopped limping from pain and had eventually made it to the first bridge and towards the exit. There, he found the scientist from before fleeing with his box of manga and huffing and puffing with fatigue.

"Hey," The boy called, "I think you know me."

The scientist spun around out of surprise and fear, and managed to drop one of his precious comics on the floor.

"AGH!" he yelled.

"Wait, how did you get here before I did?" the boy asked.

"I t-t-took the elevator!" he answered


"Y-y-yeeeess..." he feebily pointed towards a cobalt-black elevator towards the left of the room, which just recently opened to reveal a K.E.S.S.O. soldier carrying the unconcious scientist.

"…huh." He slowly approached the scientist trembling on the floor.

"D-d-d-d-don't c-c-come n-near me!" he tremled, "I-I-I g-got a g-gu-"

"Gun, yeah, yeah. You tried that before, it didn't work and won't work a second time."

Of course, this happens. *Click, BANG.* And the boy dodges it and remains unscarred.

"See?" The boy just then happened to notice the comic on the floor, bent over to pick it up, and showed the scientist the cover. His reaction was priceless.


"Yep," he threatened, "And it's gonna be scrap if you don't give me some answers."

"No! I'll never tell!" The scientist looked around and crossed his arms like a child forced to eat his vegetables.

"Then I guess you won't mind it if I…" He put both hands on the top of manga and made a slight ripping motion, making a small disfiguration in the top center. "Became the new editor?"

The scientist instantly sat up and went into a begging position, on his knees and the praying motion. "NOOOO! NOT ISSUE NUMBER 526.5b ! THAT'S WHERE YUUMI-CHAN FINDS HER TRUE LOVE! NOOOOO!"

A giant anime sweatdrop appeared atop the boy's emotionless face, and he just stood there speechless for a whole minuit. Then, he finally spoke, scratching the back of his head in cofusion and checking left and right to see if anyone actually saw that.

"Uhh… ya, sure whatever. Now, am I gonna get answers or not?"


"So speak up. What do you know?"


"Huh. Well, that's dissapointing. Well, here ya go. One slightly-harmed issue number…"

"…526.5b !"

"…624.7c for you!"

"OOH! OOH! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU!" the scientist yanked the comic out of the boy's hands and started hugging it uncontrollably, anime hearts replacing his eyes in a matter of seconds, soon petting it with his full attention. "There, there, daddy's here! The mean little boy is gone, my preciousss, he's gone, there there… When we get home, daddy's gonna take some tape and fix you all up and you can sit with sisters in daddy's display case my preciousss… preccciouusssss…"

Now the boy was REALLY confused.

"Uh… alright, then… I'm just gonna, ah… show myself the way out…"

Once outside, the boy checked his surroindings, which was pretty hard because of the snowstorm. "To the left… Ice and snow." He checked, "To the right… Ice and snow… above… snow and clouds. I'm either in the North pole or Canada." He shrugged. For some reason, he didn't feel cold.

At all. Which was very fortunate, because he would have a long trek in front of him. Who was he? And what brough him here? Who was that strange sniper? The sniper. He had left two terrible scars on his chest, and now remembering that the burning pain shot back up into him. He checked on the scars and found something he didn't expect. Near the scars where two words tattooed onto his chest; 'Roje' and 'Hunter'.

"Roje… Hunter?" He thought, "That must be my name. Not much but…" He pulled back down his shirt and shrugged off the pain. "It's a start." Now, the young boy had a lead. He would ask those he saw about the K.E.S.S.O., what they had been doing, and if they knew anyone named Roje Hunter. But first, he had to get past this blasted storm and out of the Canadian wilderness… or Antartica… Wow, he was REALLY lost.

Unbeknownst to him, as he petted his precious box of comics, the scientist muttered and plotted in the ruins of the laboratory.

"Heheheehhh… that stupid boy," he cackelled, "he really doesn't expect a thing, does he? What an idiot! 'Ooh, ooh! I don't know anything! I'm just freelancing!' HAH! Who in their right state of mind would believe that? I'll find him and bring him back to master as the complete weapon he was supposed to be! MUAHAHAHAAA!" He laughed maniacally, then suddenly turned to his stash of manga. "Oh, I'm sorry, Yuumi-chan? Did daddy scare you? Ooh, I promise it won't happen again, okay? No it won't!" Then he stared at the sky with a glimmer in his glasses, a grin spread across his face and his fists clenched. "And I'll make that mean boy pay for scaring you like that! MWEEHEEHAAHAHAHAAAH! Oops, sorry, Yuumi chan!"

Just then the K.E.S.S.O. general approached him from behind, startling the maniacle scientist.

"Umm… is everything alright sir?"

"GAAAH!" He jumped, getting into a proffesional position. "*AHEM.* I mean, yes, general. Just, uh, keep up the good work, yes!"

The general had an expression of confusion and doubt, but obeyed his orders anyway.

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