The Girl

It was five in the morning
when I saw a girl
running through the forest.
Sprinting, as it seemed,
from some terrible evil
I did not know of.
She wore a thick black cape
with its deep darken hood
pulled firmly over her head.
Barely did I see her
when I turned around
to the sound of broken twigs,
crunched fallen leaves,
and the high pitched scream.
Too occupied with my surprise,
I failed to see her
running straight towards me.
She forcefully ran me over,
swiftly knocking both of us down
to the green grassed forest floor.
It seemed she had mistaken me
for someone else
for she began to yell
and punch me a few times.
I threw my hands up
and explained that I was no threat
but in her current mood
she heard me on deaf ears.
Only until her punches lessened
did she seem less angry
but more in sorrow.
No longer was I centered on her troubles
but instead focused on
her skin of a radiant tan
and her slight small frame.
Her face still enveloped
beneath the blacken hood's shadow.
Her shaky voice explained
that she was followed
but that she needed to be hidden for awhile.
Pleading, she asked for my help.
Weeping, she curled against my chest
her sobs felt throughout my entire body.
Immobilized by her actions,
I simply threw my arms around her
and whispered that she was safe,
here with me.