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Chapter 4

"So its finally over!" Adam said on a sigh as he looked at the mansion they had been working on for nearly six months. It was finally finished. Completely, with even the interior decor all done.

"Thank GOD!" Jeremy said next to him.

"Will you let me buy it from you, Lisa?" Adam asked.

Lisa turned to stare, then cocked her head to the side in question.

"I got us into this, and so its my responsibility. Its not like we can just give the place to some unsuspecting fool, and let that fairy screw him over. So, will you?" Adam asked sincerely.

"Its yours, but I don't want money for it." Lisa said calmly.

Adam looked surprised while Jeremy seemed like he knew what she was talking about.

"I just want to keep the second painting." Lisa explained.

"It was yours to begin with." Adam said with a shrug.

"Deal?" Lisa said extending her hand.

"Deal." Adam said shaking it.

1 Year Later:

Adam tried to start his car for the third time but no such luck. He hit the steering wheel exasperated, and got out. He started walking to the closest subway, thanking gods that London was so well connected by the underground trains.

Suddenly he stopped. No. It couldn't be. This was London. Not the mansion. No where near that mansion. He slowly turned to fully see what he had seen from the corner of his eye. Sure enough, there, behind a large picture window, stood the fairy, holding a huge bouquet of blue roses.

Adam swore, but then he ran across the street anyways. Cars honked at him but he ignored them. If the fairy was here, that meant she wanted to talk to him. He'd rather get it over with as soon as possible.

He entered the store, and the bell above the door clinked merrily. Too late, Adam realized that he was at a Florist's.

"Can I help you?" said a bright voice. Adam turned, and felt all color drain from his face. The fairy was there, no no.. not the fairy.. an actual person who looked exactly like the fairy was standing there... smiling at him, holding a bouquet of red roses.

Adam did something he had never done in his life before. He fainted.

6 Months Later:

The Mansion:

"I can't believe you're married! I always thought I'd be first." Jeremy said with a mock sigh.

"Well you would have been, if you ever asked." Lisa said rolling her eyes.

Adam chuckled while Jeremy stared at her open mouthed.

"You should close that before something flies in." Adam's bride, Kia, said teasingly. Jeremy grinned as he closed his mouth.

Adam wrapped an arm around Kia. When he had fainted in her store, six months ago, he had given her the biggest scare of her life. He had woken up in her apartment above the shop. Even the fact that she looked exactly like the fairy, and the woman in the painting, had not been able to stop them from becoming friends. Before they knew it, they were in love, and Adam had proposed.

Now they were holding their wedding reception at the mansion. After all, if Kia did not look so much like the fairy, Adam would never have entered the Florist's that day. He would also not be teased about fainting as soon as he saw Kia, but that hardly mattered to him.

He was happy to have found the love of his life.

"Congratulations!" a sweet voice called. Adam and Kia turned to see a little girl standing there, holding out a red rose to them. Kia smiled as she took it.

"Thank you." she said sweetly.

The girl smiled at Kia and turned to Adam, "I guess you did not need to be careful after all." she said with a grin before scampering off.

Kia cocked her head to the side, "Who was that?"

"A character from Disney." Adam said with a slight smile.

"Will you ever show it to them?" Jeremy asked Lisa as they drove back after the party. They had ended up buying the house where Adam had stayed all through the reconstruction of the mansion.

"No. I think its better if Adam only suspects. Concrete evidence won't do him any good." Lisa answered.

Jeremy nodded. Adam already suspected that his Kia was the reincarnation of the girl in the painting. He thought that the other painting was a portrait of her, and so would prove it beyond doubt, which was why Lisa did not want him to see it.

The second painting was a portrait all right, but it was a man's. A raven haired, blue eyed man's. Yeah, Adam did not need to see it. He had enough photographs of himself, a painting would hardly make much difference, even if it was a few centuries older than him.