Author Note: This chapter is just an intro chapter. More like an extended summary. I will publish first chapter really really soon.


Chapter 1

Nate's POV:

I stood outside the large glass window separating me from the hospital room inside, watching.

"Is there really nothing that you can do?" I asked the doctor.

"We are doing everything we can. But what he needs now most, is the will to live. To fight to get better. I am sorry to say this, but your friend is suicidal and that is really the only thing wrong with him." the doctor replied, sympathy clear in his eyes.

"How long can you keep him alive?" I asked coldly.

"For a long time. His condition might not improve, but with modern medicine, we can keep him where he is for months at least, even years." he answered.

I nodded. "Keep him alive, and I'll make sure that he wants to live again. I'll make him want life." and with that I left the hospital. The image of my dying best friend burned in my mind.

2 Weeks Later:

I sat in the cafe across from her store, observing. She was meticulous and punctual. It wasn't all that surprising.

In the last two weeks I had found out everything there was to know about her. If I had been anyone else, and if it had been anyone else's life on the line, I would have sympathized, heck, I could to an extent even empathize, but I would not. The cost was too high. It was not a cost I would pay for something as simple as human emotion.

I sat there all day, drinking coffee, pretending to work on my laptop, and watching her. The woman because of whom my friend wanted to die. The woman who would be the reason for the death of the man I loved as a brother. Leia Smith was killing Josh Brown.

I would make her stop, no matter what.