"Chuang-Tze dreamed he was a butterfly. When he awoke, he was no longer sure he was a man who had dreamed, or was now a butterfly dreaming of manhood."


Come here now, let your horizons expand

Hushed and lulling, my head sinking, a nod

To the edge, I climb, the frame of this land

Beyond lies adventure I know of, not

Morpheus plays his tricks, a sleight 'o hand

What chance mere mortals have against the gods?

As breath evens, do these lips twitch in fear

Or smile, a god whispering in my ear?

Let your waking plights now crumble to dust

Cautious steps take me to the crystal pool

Peril so fair lurks near, but look I must

And spy her anguished face, blue eyes so cruel!

Rusalka, sprite, the prey for which you lust

Shall not be me, drowned in your embrace; fooled!

Breaking free of those icy hands, I run

To which she does hiss: we are not yet done!

Be free, without rule, in this land of mine

Stumbling, I plunge into a field of gold

Oh, the sun's caress, the light wind, divine

The tree nymphs flirting 'neath a copse so old

Coaxed, I yearn to taste Nature's fruit and wine

Feast, chant the Dryads, from within their fold

Alas that such invokes their monstrous wrath

Afraid, I scurry for another path

Shed the bleak chains of hardship from your days

Ensnared in silk, I am hauled to the skies

Seized to her breast, I'm the Webspinner's prey

Old Grandmother Spider, whom heaves a sigh

Take of this key for mortals cannot stay

Swathed in one's dreams, in Morpheus' lies

She slackens her grip and I fall through cloud

I shall leave this place! My scream does avow

Stay here now, sweet spirit, forever more

I drop to a peak, by a withered Elm

And here does he stand, gold wings cloaked in awe

A god manifest, the Prince of this realm

Extending a palm, thus does he implore

Heed not Spider's slur, be Queen, take the helm!

I pause: should I go by what fate doth weave

Or spurn Spider's words, and with it, this key?