They went home when the police had finished with them. It took a while but life slowly returned to normal. Mike asked Marion to marry him and she said yes.

Aerial and Flick were planning on being the next couple down the aisle. They insisted it had nothing to do with the slight bump that was beginning to show under Aerial's shirt.

Cleo and Sandy wanted to wait untill their new baby boy from the adoption agency arrived before they wandered down the aisle.

The only person that wasn't happy with all this joy was Charming Frost. In fact, he was fuming. Rita had ruined everything, the stupid bitch. If she'd just stuck to the damn plan and left Marion on the floor of the toilet instead of dragging her back to the hotel, it all would have worked out. They could have got the kid away before anyone found Marion. But she had to go and get attached to Mike with his floppy hair and dopey smile. Charming wasn't about to let all his hard work go to waste. A child as attractive as Addy could fetch a high price if you knew where to look. All he had to do was wait.