Pictures are made to say a thousand words

But my pictures hold one word


My pictures just remind me of how horrendous

The world is

How black and white are trying to destroy

The grey bridge between them

I'm standing on that bridge with hundreds of other

They watch the war rage on

I take pictures

Everyone is so anger

Everyone is so scared

The world is changing and no one cares

The world is dying

The world is falling

The world is crying

And it's beautiful

I snap a photo

I feel sad

Smiling at the beauty of death

So pretty

So gorgeous

So not worth it

I am worthless

You are worthless

This world is worthless

There is nothing here worthwhile to save

Everything can be used for good and bad

And humans make a choice

After that nothing can be undone

Or fixed

We humans are breakable

The world is breakable

But love and hate are unbreakable

And this picture

This picture holds the chaos that is our world