Rules of the Pack Chapter 1

Some of the rules for the pack are stupid. Like not mating until you had your alpha's permission with whom you wanted to mate. That's none of their business to be quite fair. The whole idea that the pack leader owns your virginity is just wrong! Whoever came up with that one must have been a possessive son of a bitch, but then again, wolfs by nature are very possessive. And protective of those weaker than them too.

Moving on though, some rules are annoying, but they're meant to keep the pack safe and the rest of humanity calm. Like, not letting anyone know about the pack except human mates and humans who worked for the pack. Like doctors… Let's face it, in this day and age if humans went into a panic about super-naturals we'd all be nuked before we could blink!

Either way, regardless of how stupid, annoying or pointless a rule, there are some you can break. Even an alpha knows that it's impossible to keep to all the rules, all the time. Even more if you're still young and learning how to control your transformation. However there are some rules, you can't, under any circumstances, break. Well not unless you have a death wish or no sense of keeping yourself alive and in one piece.

'Don't throw silver knifes at your pack brothers' would fall under the 'don't do under any circumstances' list.

To be fair, Brandon hadn't been aiming for his alpha. That would be suicide... Not that it mattered that he hadn't intended to hit his alpha in the back with a silver knife. It would still be enough to warrant an early death. Pup or no pup. In fact he had been following his orders.

Part of being member of the pack meant having military training. Why? Another one of the many pointless rules of the pack. Something about making sure they were the best predators around. This meant: discipline, obedience and knowing how to use every weapon ever created by human hands. Guns, swords, maces you name it, they were taught how to use them. Brandon had even been taught how to use a rocket launcher for his seventeenth birthday! Part of this training meant they had regular tests to make sure they weren't falling behind in using them.

He had failed his that afternoon. So while the rest of the pack was out hunting and generally having a good time, he was stuck doing over training. Admittedly he probably shouldn't have been using the tree in his alpha's front yard as a target, but the man had ordered him to stay in his house and Brandon wouldn't want to damage anything would he? He was getting much better as well; he was hitting the same spot every time not matter what angle he threw it from.

Then, just after he had let go of the knife after a long stretch of correct hits, his alpha appeared in front of the tree. There was a loud thump as it hit him in shoulder. He let out a roar of pain and fell to his knees as the silver already started to work. Brandon just stood there in shock, unable to move as a few others appeared and rushed to help him.

The alpha looked up and met Brandon's eyes. In that instant there was a connection. A message in his eyes which Brandon understood completely, "Get out of here now or I'll rip your head off"

The second his eyes released his, Brandon suddenly unfroze and went into action. He turned on his heel and ran to his house. No-one stopped him or called after him. They were too busy healing his alpha. And those who weren't, were still coming back from the hunt and didn't know yet the details about what had happened to him. But soon they'd find out, and it wouldn't be safe for him, there'd rip him apart for seriously injuring the alpha.

Which was why he was about to break another rule. 'Don't run from the pack'. The rule was simple, don't run away from your punishment or the consequences of your actions because when they caught you would be worse. But at the moment everyone was angry and if he didn't get out of town, he would be dead by sundown.

He let his feet take him home. He moved as fast as he could, knowing his parents could get home every moment and would stop him from leaving. Grabbing a bag, he grabbed some clothes, money, his passport and his phone and phone-charger before running into the garage. He looked at his dad's car but then decided he was breaking enough rules as it was without throwing stealing into the mix. So he started up his motorbike and sped off as fast as he could.

He didn't see anyone on the way of the town, but he could feel the tension in the air. All the rage everyone was feeling. Feeling for him. He had, at seventeen, likely sentenced himself to death. His chest hurt as he raced past the boarder and out of pack territory but not from their influence. He would have a lot of travelling before he was safe. He knew he likely would never return, unless to face his death...

All he had wanted was to be as strong as them. Now he was exiled from them.


A few weeks later.

Brandon looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. It would do. He had changed his appearance quite dramatically since he had run away. It wouldn't help much against the pack finding him with their noses but in a crowd they wouldn't spot him. He had short black hair and designer clothes which were designed to show off his figure. Instead of the baggy clothes he had sported in pack territory.

Ever since he had left the pack, he had been staying in a cheap rented apartment in a city far enough from the pack so he could feel safe living there, but close enough to go back if he needed to. He already had a job, made some friends. He had a new life. But there was still that feeling in his chest which knew it wouldn't last.

Once pack always pack. Running away wouldn't change that. They would find him eventually and the longer it took the more his nerves would grow. The longer it took the angrier his alpha would be.

Then he froze as a familiar ring tone floated though the apartment. He turned and looked at his phone which was on his mattress on the floor. He knelt down by it and answered it, not sure he was ready to talk to the man on the other side just yet. But he had to. It had been beaten into him from birth to obey the alpha. This meant: answering the phone when he called.

"Alpha" He said as calmly as he could force himself to be.

"Come home Brandon, now" ordered a furious voice, "You shouldn't have run away" Brandon felt his insides tighten, the pull to obey his alpha still just as strong over the phone as it was face to face. Brandon gulped, he could feel how angry his alpha was, and it scared him. More than what he was going to do.


There was silence on the other end and for a brief moment he wondered if the alpha had hung up on him. But then there was a cough, "Pardon me, I don't think I heard you correctly Brandon" his alpha said in a dangerous tone, "What did you just say?"

"I'm not going home" Brandon managed to saw, sounding more confidants this time round.

"Brandon, get your ass back down here now"

"No... It's too dangerous for me at the moment Uncle Ray. I'll call back in a month or two and then maybe..."

"Don't bother Brandon. If you won't come, we'll come get you" His alpha hissed furious, "I'll say it one more time. Come home. Or else" He let the threat hang in the air, not needing to finish it. If Brandon managed to say no after the third calling, he would no longer be bound to his alpha's rule. It would be breaking not a rule of the pack but a law. Something beat into them from birth, a simple fact of life. 'Always obey the alpha'.

Once pack always pack. If he said no, when they found him, his alpha would have to reassert his dominance over him. He would have to choose, or risk losing his power over the pack. Brandon knew there were only a handful of ways to do that. Only one would leave him alive and mostly unharmed. But it wasn't the likely path he would choose.

"I'm sorry Uncle Ray, I really am. But no" Brandon said before hanging up and placing the phone beside him, shaking with fear and nervousness. He curled into a ball and closed his eyes. He wasn't going out tonight. Not now, he didn't have work so.

The phone rang again but he ignored it. It rang though out the night, until a message was sent to it. "Once pack, always pack Brandon, remember that, boy" He pulled the battery out and pull the phone away, deciding to buy a new one the second he had enough money.

Some rules are stupid, others are important. But some you just have to accept.

Five years later

Isaac sighed as he hurried through the heavy rain to a bar. He shook his head slightly, getting rid of the water in his air in order to see who was there. He was there to meet a contact who was supposed to know someone who could help him do something for the pack. The atmosphere of the bar was busy. It was nice and warm inside while it was cold outside, meaning that more than the regulars were coming in tonight.

"Rob" called a man, "Over here!" Isaac hadn't given him his real name. He wandered over calmly, giving a charming smile. His contact led him into a back room, bragging about how the guy he was leading him to was the best in the city. He hoped so. His alpha had been very tense since one of the pups had run away.

That's when he smelled who was in the room in front of him. He pushed the door open before his contact could say anything and froze, just staring at the man who stood behind a desk in front of him. The man, himself looked surprised and froze to. For a moment either of them moved, just watching the other for a reaction. The smell of fear and worry flooded over Isaac's scents. "Isaac" the man whispered.

"Brandon" he growled.

"You know each other then?" his contact asked curiously, taking note of their strange reaction to each other. Brandon was very social, he never froze up, yet he did for his man. Both ignored him, Isaac more concerned with what Brandon was going to do. Brandon, himself, was trying to work out whether he wanted to run and hug the man in front of him or simply run.

"He's here?" Brandon asked. He had to know. Had to know if he was safe or not. He took a step back, showing obvious signs of wanting to run away

"Don't" Isaac said, reaching out as if to grab him if he tried to, "He's not. Don't worry. I'm alone on a blood quest. I'm bound not to contact him until my jobs done... You're safe Brad"

That's all Brandon needed to hear to relax, "How..."

"He's well, I spoke to him a few weeks ago" Isaac answered smiling slightly at the memory, for some reason. He took a step towards Brandon carefully, "As are your parents. Connie's getting married soon too"

"I heard, she sent me a message"

"She's been in contact?" Isaac said darkly, the pack had been ordered to tell if they heard from Brandon.

"She's my sister. Somehow, and I don't know how, she found a way" Brandon shook his head, "That girl frightens me sometimes"

"I'll bet"

"Is he still?"

"Mad? Furious more like. Can you blame him? Forget the stunt with the knife you pulled Brad. You disappeared! He's worrying like mad that any wild dog attack could be you, losing all control. You're too young to be outside the pack Brad. He misses you too, not that he'd admit it but he does. We all do" At the last bit a sad expression formed on Brandon face. He missed him to.

Isaac took advantage of Brandon's pause and made two steps, crossing the room. He pulled him into a bear hug, burying his face in Brandon's hair. Brandon closed his eyes and let the scent of home wash over him.

"Missed you too" he murmured. For a few moments they stayed like that, not wanting to pull apart. After they did Isaac gave him a once over.

"You look good" Isaac chuckled.

Brandon only smirked, giving Isaac a sly smile, "Gotta rep to keep up round here Isaac"

"Yer, I heard you're the best in the city"

"And I heard you got a job for me"

A week later...

"Promise you won't tell" Brandon begged on his knees in front of Isaac who was about to leave. His mission was over and the alpha was only to meet him in the next city over.

Isaac knelt by him, shaking his head. "I can't Brad, if he asks I have to tell. You know as well as I do the journey won't be long enough to hide your scent..."

"If he doesn't ask..."

"Then I won't tell. But that's all I can promise Brad. I'm sorry, I really am. I shouldn't have got you involved any more then you were already" Isaac said, gripping the now sobbing Brandon to his chest, "Just promise me you won't do anything stupid"

"Stupid? Me? Never" Brandon tried to joke but failed. "I won't run this time Isaac, I promise. But you know how he's going to react when he finds out I'm not a ..." Brandon stumbled over the word.

"Brad, listen. You're still a pup by our standards, you're bound to make some mistakes and it wasn't you're fault Brad, It wasn't" Isaac cupped Brandon's face, forcing him to look him in his eyes, "He won't kill you Brandon. I won't lie, you may end up with a scar or two, but he won't kill you"

"I'm scared" Brandon sobbed.

"You'd be a fool not to be pup. You'd be a fool not to be" Isaac whispered, kissed him gently on the forehead. It was going to be an awkward meeting between him and his alpha, Raymond. Very awkward.

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