Chapter 6

To say Brandon was nervous after that meeting would be an understatement. His hands were shaking as he washed up the cups and plates brought in by Kylie. Who seemed determined to get more details out of Brandon then the rules of the pack would allow. She had seen how shaky his knees had been when the two had finally left the background, Brandon bright red, Raymond wearing a dark smirk.

Brandon squeezed his thighs together at the memory. Raymond had not gone as far as to fuck him on the desk, but he could tell the wolf side had wanted too. Another understatement, the human side had been fighting madly to rein the wolf in from doing it.

However the compromise left Brandon feeling very hot and hard. While outright fucking him was out, doing other things was just as effective. Like pinning him to the desk and giving him a blow job while fingering him up the ass. Brandon had bitten into his own arm to stop himself from screaming as the elder tortured him with the pleasure.

The object was not for Raymond to gain pleasure, but rather for Brandon to submit to what was happening. To allow himself to be touched in such an imitate way, despite where they were. Usually such a thing would be done in front of the pack to prove Raymond was still dominate but things can't always go the way people want. The touches had been firm and in some cases rough. But not harmful. The wolf watching him with powerful yellow eyes. Not quite smug, not quite content but much happier then the dark angry eyes he had come in with.

When he had released Raymond had swallowed him up before giving him another breathtaking kiss. One which made him look forward to the events which would happen soon. There was no denying him now. His wolf hadn't completely submitted and now Raymond had had a taste of him, the wolf would not stop until the bond was back in place.

Nothing would stop a wolf from hunting its prey.

The look Benny had given the two when they left the room was a big grin of happiness. The bond was not formed yet, but Benny's wolf could tell Brandon's was cowed. Could tell it wouldn't be long until he was back with them, where he belonged. A hug was given, as well as a nip. Then they were gone.

Gone to do whatever business the pack had in town. Brandon's home address where they met again tonight. Raymond now had the spare key he had kept in the office. Most likely they would wrap up before he got off work. Most likely he would come home to find Raymond waiting for them. Not to mention anyone he had brought with him. From both Benny's and Isaac's response to seeing him, it was obvious he had been missed. Part of him preen at that. It was almost nice to feel loved.

"Brad?" Called the boss. Brandon frowned hearing a caustion tone. Something wasn't right.

"Yes" he called back, walking out of the kitchen drying his hands only to find his boss waiting there with another man. He froze. He knew who he was by reputation only, and by the silence in the coffee house, it was obvious everyone else knew as well.

The man was handsome he is own way, giving off an aura of danger. He wore a business suit and his hair was immaculate. Two bodyguards stood by his side, both looking just as dangerous as the man himself. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Brad, looking up and down. Taking in who in was. Brad knew who he was. He was a guns dealer. Someone no one messed with.

"So your the infamous Brad" There was something in his tone of voice which made Brandon feel like he was a piece of dirt on someone's shoe.
Brandon shrugged acting as he would normally, putting the towel down. "Who wants to know?" He asked calmly, not letting any fear show. For everything this man was, he was still human and no wolf lets himself get cowed by a human. Powerful as this one may be. The man frowned before smriking, as if what Brandon had done had amused him.

"The name's Jack Henley and I have a job for you"

Keeping his face neutral, trying not to seem impressed by that statement Brandon shrugged. "Nothing new there. Lots of people have jobs for me. Just whether you can pay the fee or not. But by the looks of you, you won't have any problems there" Henley was wearing a expensive suit. The sort people wore to impressive.

"True that" Henley grinned, visibly looking up Brad up and down. Sizing him up. From the outside there wasn't much to look at. He wore good clothes and his hair was cut stylish but his jewellery wasn't expensive. Not to mention he had an apron on to protect his clothes. Brandon looked like any other young adult making his way. But that was the whole point of his appearance. TO look like everyone else.

"What sort of job you looking at? Because I have to warn you now, I'm might have to leave the city soon and I'd hate to leave a job unfinished"

In the corner of his eye Brandon saw his Boss and Kylie frown. They didn't like the sound of that, but it was true. When his Alpha was done with business, Brandon would be going home. Either on his own two feet or dragged by his Alpha. But there was no way he was running a second time. He wanted to go home. Wanted to see his baby sister and his parents.

"That's disappointing, the city will lose a good resource if you go" Henley commented, sounding genuinely disappointed to here that. "Can I ask why in front of unknown ears?"

"Family stuff. My sisters getting married soon and my parents would like to see me again" Brandon saw no harm with telling the guns dealer that. There no way he would be able to trace Connie. Every thing Brandon used traced back to false records, like most runaways. He had never said, nor put down on paper, where he came from.

Even if they did work out his connection to where the pack lived, no human was stupid enough to go in pack territory. Ignoring the odd police official and medical doctor. The only human who lived in the pack's city were either 'guests', children who hadn't inherited the gene or people who were mated to a wolf. In short people who were unlikely to ever live the city.

"So you will return at a later date?"

"Maybe. But like anything I have no idea what why plans will be in the future" Mostly a lie, "By your questioning I take it your job will take longer then a week?" It was a valid question. While he knew the basic of what Raymond would have planned for him/ have to put him though, he wasn't sure of the exalt ramifications.

"Possibly, I want contact to someone. But I'd rather not say who in front of an audience" Henley gave Brandon a meaningful look. Brandon inclined his head in agreement.

"Lets go talk in the back and I'll tell you if I think I can help you in time, or at least point you in the direction of someone able to help"

For the first time in a long while, Raymond felt happy. He had found the wayward pup and now only had one thing in the way of dragging him back home. He was also worried and concerned of the boy. He had seen the protective looks people had given him. He had made a life here for himself. Would he be able to accept living it behind all together?

Pride ran though him too at that fact. The pack as a whole had been so worried he wouldn't be able to survive on his own. That he would end up going feral and killing some helpless humans. But no, Brandon was standing tall on his own two feet.

For a submissive, he's strong murmured his wolf.

Raymond made a noise of agreement. But they both had to remember, when people were young they tended to be more submissive then there actual nature. A survival trait. It was going as they grew older and rebelled that there true colours emerged. When they needed to become there own people.

Which is what Brandon had become. his own person. He had grown up on his own. Part of Raymond felt proud, another disappointed. His pup was mostly completely grown into a wolf and he had missed it. They all had.

"Can't believe how well he looks" Benny chattered beside him. If Raymond had been pleased and relieved to see him, Benny had been over the moon. "I mean, we were all worried about him being a slu rat, but the clothes he was wearing! The pup's done well for himself"

"Yes he has"

There was something in his tone which calmed Benny down. Benny frowned at looked at him. "Something the matter boss?"

"Just wondering how well he's going to take leaving this life completely and reintegrating himself in the pack"

Benny sobered at that. "Ah, I see what you mean. We have no need for Locaters and he would have been put in a trade when he was eighteen normally. Still, its Brad. If he had shown us anything it that he's able to adapt. Most of us would do anything for the kid"

"umm" Raymond murmured thoughtfully. It would be hard. But it was important. Brad needed to become one with the pack again. But for now they had business to attend to.