Some of these I wrote when I was very young. So they can be cheesy, lol.

My brown lab, Bubba
With lots of squishy, fat spots
I call them "Chubblies"

Even though he's small (*Note- my cat, Bucky)
I call him my "Wee Beastie"
He seems to like it

"Pantular Region"
Where pants would cover Bucky
If he wore trousers

My kitten, Buckford
Follows me where I travel
So long as he's fed

His squishy buttness
Where Bucky's butt is squishy
And has lots of "ness"

Under the futon
Stalking through the apartment
He'll attack your feet

He eats lots of fish
Then belches riht in my face
Bucky is evil

Bucky looks at me
With his head tipped upside-down
It's too cute for words