i'll find a place for you in my heart
clear a place quite safe and warm
i'll toss out the old, you're just the start
you've found the calm in the eye of this storm

i'll make a path, for you to roam
it'll be curious but cozy enough
someday i hope you'll call it home
i know the transition is a little rough

you'll have to abide by a few simple rules
i ask that you simply love me back
it's easy, i've supplied you with some tools...
i just hope it isn't an ability that you lack

this hearth of heart has crumbled before
i ask that you respect my offer
enjoy yourself, don't stare at the door
at least make your exit a little softer

i couldn't take another downfall
i've built this domain just for you
i'll answer to your every call
but i'd like to have your heart too.