Present Day

Naomi opened her eyes slightly when she heard the sound of a door outside her room closing. The lights in her room didn't come on, but she'd been here long enough to know that they were opening the door on the other side of the mirror to observe her.

She tried to remain as still as possible. Perhaps if they thought she was asleep, then they'd leave her alone. She doubted it but it was worth a shot.

Naomi wondered if it was her father, if it was she'd already made the decision to ignore him. He kept promising her better living conditions if she turned in her other team mates, but she'd promised herself that she never would... Joseph had risked life and limb to keep her out of this place and she was stupid enough to put herself in here. She wasn't going to put them through the same thing.

The door to her room opened, she flinched at the loud screech of the door. It was still dark in the room, so she hoped they didn't see it. Perhaps if they thought she was asleep, they'd leave her alone…

"Good news kitten," a man's voice that she didn't recognize said, "You get to have a chat with one of our superiors. Get up."

She refused to move. If she was asleep he'd leave her alone…he had to.

She heard the man give a huff of annoyance, "I guess he doesn't think your father is doing a good enough job."

He was baiting her, he was trying to get a reaction, but she closed her eyes and refused to give it to him. Even though he was the one that put her in here, he didn't act like the same monster that Joseph presented him as. He never mistreated her, he never got angry. He was almost…father like on an extremely weird level.

"I want to speak to my father," she said.

"He's unavailable."

She felt him grab the back of her shirt and pull her up, immediately she grabbed onto the blanket and used what little control she had left of her ability to set the blanket on fire.

The distraction was enough to take the men off guard. She kicked the closest man's legs out from under him, yanked out his taser. One of the men lunged and her, and she shot the second guard in the shoulder. She ran past him while he was convulsing and took off down the hall.

Naomi didn't REALLY know what the plan was; she just knew that she needed to find a place to hide until she could figure out a better plan to escape. Walking out the door would be next to impossible and she'd have to find a place to hide until she could make her move.

She barely made it halfway down the hall before someone grabbed her and slammed her against the wall; she landed on her shoulder awkwardly when she hit the floor. She was certain that she didn't dislocate it, but it hurt enough to make her tear up. She to stand and run away, but a well-built man in a lab coat and another guard grabbed her by the shoulders and legs and pinned her down.

"Hold her down, I'm going to give her a sedative," the man in the lab coat uncapped a syringe.

"No!" she grabbed the doctor's wrist when he injected her, and accidently burned him.

He yanked his arm away and raised his hand as if he was going to slap her.

Someone grabbed the man's wrist and yanked him away from her. Naomi scrambled back against the wall and stared in relief when she saw that it was her father that had come to help her.

"That's quite enough of that," her father said in a threatening whisper and shoved the doctor down the hall. He then placed himself between the doctor and his daughter, "Go back to your little torture chambers and stay off of this floor."

"I have to come on this floor, I'm the Prison Doctor"

"I'm sorry, you're acting like you had a choice in the matter," he looked over his shoulder, "Charlie, you and Steven take Naomi back to her cell"

"You just made a big mistake Braun."

"I'm head of security for a reason, which means I protect those that work here, but I also have to keep the prisoners safe as well. I've been keeping an eye on you for a long time and I suspect that I've been right. You just became a danger to those people."

"Would you react so rashly if she wasn't your daughter?"

Her father went on as if he hadn't heard him, "So if I find you on any of these floors again then I'll make sure you spend the weekend in one of the smallest cells I can find."

Naomi struggled to stay awake as she was lifted on the stretcher and taken down the hallway back to her cell. She tried to sit up and see what was going on with her father, but the guard named 'Steven' grabbed her by the gown and shoved her back down. The tranquilizers took effect and she was asleep by the time they reached her cell.

2 Days Ago

Naomi looked between her father and her mother and backed into the wall, her heart was racing and she found that forming a cohesive plan was next to impossible. Her father was here and that didn't bode well. Had it been a trap? A coincidence? "What is this? What are you doing here?"

"Naomi," her father held out his hand, palm facing her, like he was trying to calm her down, "Listen, if you want your questions answered, then I'll be more than happy to answer them, but it'd be best if you came with me."

"I'm not going anywhere," she hissed. She tried to summon her ability, but she couldn't. She'd never figured out how to control it over her terror.

"Alright, I can understand why you're scared, but I've just called reinforcements nearby to surround the house, if you come quietly we can avoid a lot of innocent people getting-"

Naomi finally broke through with her ability, focused on the plant that he was standing next to and set it on fire.

Her father jumped, and she raced out of the room and towards the door. If he had been telling the truth, then reinforcements would arrive soon but she had to get away before that happened.

"Naomi," her mother called behind her.

Naomi ignored her, yanked open the front door and ran down the stairs. It was cold, but the rain had stopped for now. She was wearing nothing but the flannel robe that her mother had given her. Her feet sank in the mud and she nearly fell, but caught herself.

Three cars pulled into the driveway before she could reach her car. Escaping by a car would've hardly done any good anyway; she realized that she left her keys in her purse which was in the house.

"Naomi!" her father yelled.

She gave a quick glance to the woods and considered taking off there. She knew the woods a lot better than most people thanks to her growing up there. There was a small river that went into the next town; she knew that if she could find it, then she could navigate there. Maybe find a phone….

"Get on the ground now," one of the soldiers demanded.

Taking a chance, she took off toward the woods. A gunshot went off near her, but she kept running. Somehow she felt that whoever fired at her wasn't firing tranquilizers.

She made it through the first few trees before another couple of bullets zoomed past her ear. She threw herself to the ground and rolled down a hill to avoid getting hit. She rolled over several sharp rocks and winced when she finally hit the bottom of the hill. Her body was already aching and stinging, and she was out of breath. The cold did nothing to help; instead it made her feel more exposed and vulnerable

Someone with a flashlight appeared on the top of the hill; Naomi wrapped the robe around herself tighter and ran in the direction of the river.