House of Night

The Burned is the book I chose for lit.

And unlike other books it was not a piece of...

Witt is what the main character Zoe had

The one you have to know

She was really nice and cool and all

Although she was a...

Low is what I thought of her

When she was with her teacher of her class

I was really glad when he died

Because he was an...

Sass describes her boyfriend Eric

He makes my eyelids twitch

He was so cruel and rude to her

That mean son of a...

Witch was what her headmaster is

But sadly she was stuck

The woman stole her boyfriends

Because she was an easy...

Luck is what Karona lacked

And because of that he fell

I hated him he should of died

He deserves to go to...

Swell is what this book was

The first pages are like BAM!

When you finish the House of Night Series

You will be like