A Tragedy Quite Becoming (Emo Kids Cut Themselves)

That night we turned to the sky and it collapsed upon us
the last words "hold me tonight"
burst into violent shades of blue
I couldn't hold on to your brilliance
as it screamed out of the depravity
I stood motionless, I stood motionless
as it rained down upon us
The air quickly left my lungs
As the last bit of hope ran down your face
your melody flooded the open air forcing me to my knees
Staring into the reflection
the rain quickly fades into "I love you nots"
and all I can do is close my eyes
All I can do is close my eyes
There was no surprise I didn't find you here
The petals on the ground were proof enough
As I am burdened with the left over taste of disgust
Knowing full well of what you did, of what I did