Dark on the outside, black underneath
Grime in the spaces of the monster's teeth

Melts you down, heats you up
Pours your love in to a cup

Watch him scream, see him shout
Feel him wring your hatred out

Hide your eyes, writhe for him in a second skin
He forces you open and you let him in

Grit your teeth as the monster judges
Adding to your canvas of dirt and blood smudges

Bruises on your neck and hips
This man never leaves you tips

In world that believes you belong in a zoo
He's the only one who protects, reminding them who

... Who was there when you needed it most?
He was.

Who was there to stop the bleeding?
He was.

And who... who was the one to take all you had
The first time so sweet and careful, not mad
He was.

So be a good boy and let him in
Be a good boy and drink his sin

Maybe, just maybe
If you're lucky
Satan might let you out of your personal Hell early