Chapter 15-Hope Reborn

I was awoken by shouting coming from somewhere. I was in a familiar place I just couldn't quite put my hand on it. I slowly got up feeling sore everywhere. I remembered what had happened, remembered Genorah dying. Was it all a dream? I stood up and almost immediately fell over.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's what the crutch is for silly." My father was laughing. He was in the room with me.

"Is Genorah?"

"Yes, just take it easy for now son. This really did happen though. You are the hero of the Terran's." I was happy that I had succeeded in my mission. It was finally over. Three years of learning magic to finish this up once and for all. He helped me to stand up this time and we walked out of my room. I realized why it was so familiar and that was because we were at the old house on E-Terra. My father helped me walk down the stairs and into the front yard where everyone was, saying their final goodbyes and thank yous to the Terran's that had helped us that were still alive. Vincent opened the front door and I followed him out. There were thousands of people outside that started cheering once they realized I was outside.

"What…. What is this?" I started crying, I didn't know what to say to all these people. I had freed them from the dark grasp and they were all here to thank me. Danny and Tommy ran up to me and gave me a hug.

"Hey, we figured you deserved this after what you did, besides, most of these people came here by themselves." Danny told me. I laughed when he said this and then started walking through the people greeting them, shaking hands, and thanking them. Narayu gave me a bow made of chimeran bone, which was one of the strongest substances known to the Terran's. I received many other gifts on top of that and eventually made it back to my house. Once we were inside we shut the door.

"ALEX! You're awake." I heard Uvael shout. Both he and Saltar rushed down the stairs to embrace me. I was right. Killing Genorah freed them, and all of the other slaves under his dark grasp. That night we mourned for Nuvari knowing that his sacrifice saved everyone. I forgot about something and hoped I would be able to find it. I teleported to Gen-terra and searched the castle for the executioners weapons he owned. I found all of them. I promptly returned home and set them up in my room as battle trophies. I turned to the Wyrm King.

"Umm, I believe this belongs to you?" I handed him the Wyrm completing his request.

"Ah yes, thank you young one. As promised I would give you something of value for it. I will teach you over time the secret of the Omni-Guard, so that you have the protection I do." I thanked him. I took both him and Max to Cay-Terra.

"Caylaylas, I believe I made a promise to you." He came out from the building he called his house and stood in front of me.

"Yes, you did, I no longer want a position of power."

"Then how about the old king of this realm?"

"The Wyrm King?" At that moment the Wyrm King stepped out from behind the building he was chatting with Max at. Caylaylas' jaw dropped when he saw the ancient king and he fell to his knees immediately.

"There is no need for that mortal one."

"I'm sorry. I never meant for Genorah to take over this land."

"You are not to blame. You did what you had to in order to keep the people of this great land safe. I would however like my throne back. Oh and Alex, come here whenever you want to get your training on the guard." We both thanked him and went our separate ways. Caylaylas' told me he would take up the life of a citizen of the city. I returned home to Endo Terra.

"Alex." I noticed that Narayu was still there with us. "You know, I have nowhere to live since Genorah destroyed my home."

"Yes, of course you can stay with us." She thanked me for it. Three years later I married Narayu but that is a later chapter of my life.

"Alex, we have some business to discuss." Ovax was in the house with us as well. "Have you decided on our offer?"

"I think I would like to stay here. Politics are just too much for me, and I know nothing about it. I would be a dead weight to you guys." He looked down and thought for a moment.

"It was nice to know Nuvari died protecting you and many others. I hope that you are happy for the rest of your life. I also know that you have made the right decision. I think our council will remain at five in memoriam to the man who lost his life. We will not fill his spot."

"Thank you lord Ovax, I believe that we can still speak though, if you ever need me for something, I shall be here." He shook my hand and teleported back to his own home.

"Finally son. We can finally rest. It's all over, the battle, and the partying after our victory. Though we didn't share it with men from our army we were able to share it with our family. Which I could not ask for more. Four years ago I saw a young sixteen year old boy in a park. Today a twenty year old man stands in front of me, a separate life from where he started. I am glad that I got to train you, and I am even happier that I am able to share this moment with you." I could only hug him again. It was comforting knowing who my real father was.

"INCOMING!" Uvael shouted. He wasn't talking about himself, but the whale of a man that Saltar was, barreling towards me. He tackled me the ground and I lost my breath. If you had never had a four hundred pound man laying on top of you, then you have not experienced someone tackling you. It was stressful. He finally pulled himself off of me though. I coughed for a moment and sat up. After that we all started laughing. Sam, Sarah, Taylor, Greg, Danny, Tommy, Uvael, Saltar, Vincent, Mikael, Narayu, and me. The family was all here, and for once in my life, I knew that nothing would go wrong. I would be happy for the rest of it. From the beginning of this chapter to the end. I would be with them and I would be happy as a clam. So ends the first chapter of my life in the Terran's. Starting from the rhino that my father killed, ending with the death of Genorah. All hope was returned to those who lost it.