I was staring at a plate of scary looking pasta and for some reason I couldn't force myself to eat it.

"Waiter, what is this?" I asked.

"It's our special you ordered!" he replied.

I took another look at the pasta and while it's just plain pasta covered with tomato sauce, something about it creeped me out. I tasted the pasta and there's nothing special, it's the same as the ones you can find at the pizzeria. Granted I was still creeped out by the pasta but I was hungry so I finished the plate, paid the tab and left.

Later that night when I was ready to go to bed, I turned off the light and something caught my eye...for a brief moment I saw a strange figure but it vanished after just few seconds. Figuring that I might have been seeing things, I went to bed. After having bout of strange nightmares, I tried to wake up but for some reason I wasn't able to move my body and could barely open my eyes for few seconds and soon afterward, I fell back asleep.

Later I woke up and this time I was able to move my body and felt better, but when I turn to the right side, that same figure I saw that night was lying right next to me. It's an orange red shadowy figure with eyes which resembles fireballs and have spaghetti-like limbs.


Later that morning I was at the bar staring at a mug of beer when the bartender came and said, "Hey if you're gonna sit here at least drink the damn thing, you ordered it for that reason and I'm ain't gonna tolerate people who waste beer!"

"Sorry about that, just that something weird happened last night, I couldn't sleep the rest of the way..." I said.

"A girl dumped you I see,"

"No, it's not that...trust me it's hard to believe..."

"What is it then?"

I told him about the strange ghostly figure from the night before and then he puts the mug he was cleaning down and said, "You too huh?"

"Wha...you mean..."

"I have customers telling me the same stories left and right, I'm not sure if they're on drugs but maybe something's up, I don't know."

I was almost half way through the mug when I asked him if there were people screaming when it happened.

"The hell I know, they never told me although I heard that there's a lady screaming in the inn las...wait, that was you?" he said.

Then suddenly I noticed someone towering right behind me and then...

"So you're that punk who woke me up last night!" he growled.

I put down the mug and said, "Look, I'm sorry about what happened but yo-"

"Shut the hell up you dink, because of you I was late for work, do you realize how important this is? If I arrive late again my chance of getting a promotion will drop and I will murder you for this!" he yelled.

But something bothered me...

"Dink? I think you mean 'dick', if you're going to insult me then get it right, calling someone a 'dink' is almost as bad as A.J. Burnett's pitching, I mean really!" I said.

"Shut up you dink!"

After that he quickly walked away steaming mad.

"Is he gay?" I asked.

The bartender gave me a weird look and shrugged.

An hour later I left the bar and saw a familiar face.

"Hey Victor, how it is going?" I yelled.

"Nothing much, class is starting tomorrow but not that it mattered since you don't go to this school!" he said.

"I know, just want to let you know, don't let those ungrateful bastards get to you!"

"I won't, thanks!"

Then we part ways.

Later that night, I was up waiting for that creepy figure to show up while holding a bottle of seltzer water as a weapon to put it out since it's was flaming. I figured guns would be useless so I didn't bother to arm myself and started to have second thoughts regarding that. Looking at the clock, it was three in the morning and I started to feel tired so I thought that maybe it's all a dream despite the accounts from the bartender's customers.

"He's probably trying to scare me," I yawned.

I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Next morning I got up and it's still dark...and then I heard a soft child-like voice whispering something to me...


I froze for a moment and looked back...it's that figure from the night before!

It started to wave it's arms and said, "Wait please...don-"

I fainted.