I threw very bad eephus pitch which floated so low that Brian knocked it right into one of the street lamps, destroying it although had it been a night, the hit would have had more impact. Brian started to laugh while I wagged my finger at him and said, "Not yet kiddo!"

I threw a batting practice "fast" ball and he swung late though he did made a contact but it bounced on the ground and I leaped to catch it with my left hand. Just one more pitch and it's all over for the arrogant sports jock.

With Brian making a smug look on his face while glaring at me, I waited for a moment, took a deep breath, and said, "Here it is!"

I change the grip of the ball to the one used for four-seam pitch and added a slight pressure on my middle finger. Then I made a windup and deliver the pitch throwing with everything I got and soon the ball sailed and at the last second it curved to the left and Brian swung wildly, missing the pitch!

In celebration, I point into the air and thumb my nose at Brian as he collapse to the ground in anger. Three of us jumped for joy knowing that his future in baseball will be in doubt (Granted Amy still cared about the prick, guess it's a childhood friend thing, sad how such relationship fails even when they goes a way back). I knew Amy and Brian won't get back together so I really don't get the point of blackmailing me to ruin the kid's future, but then again I did accepted so that tells you something. I was asked to come to watch the high school baseball game in few days to see if the plan worked and I accepted, thought it would be fun to watch the dude falling apart on the field.

I return to the inn or motel or whatever the hell they call it, screw it anyway, I went back and saw the receptionist rolling her eyes towards me.

She said with a sarcastic tone, "You haven't been flirting with me for a while, I wonder why..."

I answered, "You have a pepper spray and once tazed me, don't tell me you're trying to kill me too."

"Guess you learned your lesson."

I enter my room, close the door, and sat down on the floor grabbing my right shoulder.

"My arm!"

It would take me over a week for my arm to recover from the strain, I went to see the doctor and turns out I was lucky that my rotator-cuff didn't get messed up. He then asked me why I went out throwing rocks into the pond very hard at the park (That's what I told him, seriously doubt he would have believed me had I told him the actual story). I was prescribed a medicinal patch to help soothe the arm, but it turns out I'm allergic to whatever they put in the patch because after one day my shoulder itches like crazy and noticed the swelling.

No way I'm putting another one on!

Miyuki (the girl who blackmailed me, she told me her name during the invite) was waiting outside of the room and invited me to attend one of the high school games. She said that I could pretend to be her brother and no one will be suspicious.

I really don't know if she knew what went on last semester, guess she's a freshman.

With that, I put on my sunglasses and attend the high school baseball game with her. There we see Brian swinging at everything he sees and what happened just transpired the way I thought it would...even Adam Dunn would laugh at him.

"So now that I did your friend a favor, I have been wondering..." I asked.

"What do you mean?" Miyuki said.

"Once the kid's career gets wrecked, what happens next? It doesn't necessarily mean he and Amy will come back together, what will happen for your friend?"

"We talked about that last night, she said that she still have feelings for him but is willing to move on."

"That's good to hear...anyway anyone told you that you sound mature for a teenaged girl?"

After few hours of watching Brian getting whiffed on every at bat and ultimately injuring himself when he accidentally screwed up his shoulder (judging by his screaming in pain and the fact that he was clutching his shoulder), we left and parted on good terms.

She made good on her promise on keeping my involvement in a certain incident a secret because on the news some of my friends were arrested for "breaking and entering."

You know, to be fair I think they got a bad break, I was lucky enough to be able to work it off because the girl happens to know where I'm at due to someone telling someone about something whatever the hell that is.

There's not much for me to do but to finish up the air hockey tournament, once it's done it will be time for me to move on.


Whatever destiny will take me...that or a bus.

Well if I can make it past the final sixteen on that air hockey tournament I will get a free bus ticket to Milwaukee so for once I won't have to hitchhike my way or walk (which is what I have been doing for the most part, it was hell...). All I do know is this, I can't live off on my lotto winnings of eighty grand, sooner or later it will run out so I'm planning to cut corners.

Anyway, goodbye for now.