Many years ago, there was a time when all was peaceful. Angels sang in the heavens, demons remained peaceful, and humans lived happily. During this time, humans came to bond with the demons, falling in love eventually. Through interaction, a new species entered the world. These were known as Hybrids, the result of a human and a demon. Hybrids harnessed the strength and abilities of demons and bore the skin and feelings of humans. However, peace in the world didn't last very long. Human fear and ignorance drove them to declaring war, ending this time of happiness. The artifact that lead to this period of destruction was known to all demons as the Heart of the Sun, or the Light. Taking the appearance of a heart, it is being searched for all around the world for it allowed the user to fulfill the heart's desire.

"Mmm! Yummy!" Rin sat at the table, enjoying her breakfast, a plate of eggs with bacon, a normal breakfast…in America. It was morning in Tokyo, when life just begins to sprout. "You're the best cook ever, Big Bro!"

Sol grinned, turning off the flames. Feeling proud of himself for creating this dish he learned from his parents, he replied, "Thanks. Loving school so far?" He walked over to his little sister and stood beside her. The apartment room was small; it only consisted of a restroom, a couple beds, a kitchen, and a very small living room. On the bright side, the room was incredibly clean and peaceful.

"It's been awesome! Only 4 more months until summer though. I don't want school to end!" Sol patted her head.

"You should be in first grade. You're a genius!" Sol commented. The things she knew greatly exceeded his knowledge back when he was in kindergarten.

Rin blushed. "Thank you, Big Bro."

Sol glanced at the clock. Noticing that the hour hand was near the number 8, he quickly grabbed his buttoned his shirt and grabbed his backpack. Sol attended Akuma High School, the local high school in the area. Akuma High was a mediocre school, but it was also one of the largest in the country.

Rin grabbed Sol's hair tie. "Lemme tie!" Sol smiled and bent over, allowing his little sister to tie his hair, forming a small ponytail. "Yay! Looks awesome!"

"You're weird you know that?" joked Sol, patting her head again.

Once the two quickly finished their breakfast, they headed off towards school hand-in-hand with the elder brother guiding his younger sister.

Little did they know, a young female figure was watching them from a light pole. "That's him I'm guessing…" Turning around, the figure walked the opposite direction from them, smiling at the same time.

"Whats up, Sol!" a classmate yelled. "Can I copy your notes down, dude? I forgot to write them down yesterday. I think Teach is gonna check today…"

"That's your fault really," Sol replied. "Too bad for you it's History class." His classmate frowned.

"You've got a good point there…Our history teach is such a strict-"

"You there! Quiet! What's your name?"

"L-Leth Kagehebi…Pl-Please don't hurt me."

"Was that a joke?" the teacher asked.

"No, no! Not at all!" Leth replied. "I'll be quiet, I promise!"

"Kagehebi right?"

"Yes, sir," he replied.

"You have a pretty bad habit of getting in trouble. I just received another note from your Chemistry teacher that you blew up your table," the teacher mentioned. The class chuckled. Sol dropped his jaw and pointed his index finger at Leth in a rage.

"So you're the one who got her all pissed before it was my Chemistry period! I will choke you to death, damn it! She gave us so much homework!"

"It's not my fault! My lab partner was singing some stupid song he made up about toilets and I couldn't help but laugh!"

"Enough!" the teacher roared. "Quiet down. Kagehebi, if I receive another note or complaint, I promise you that I will drop you from my class." The history teacher slammed his hand on his table and pulled his chair back, signaling the end of his lecture. He began calling out names to check for attendance.

It was silent for a moment, but through the corner of his eye, Sol could see his friend open his mouth. The boy gulped and awaited an extended lecture. "But you've only gotten one complaint!" Leth stated bravely. There was an awkward silence after. The teacher stared at the boy through his glasses. Leth tried to hide behind his wooden table without success.

The teacher opened a drawer and revealed a thick brown folder full of smaller folders. "This is something I call the Troublemaker Folder. All tardy slips and personal notes are put in here…Kagehebi…let's see…Ah here." The teacher pulled out the thickest folder and tossed it on the table.

Leth laughed. "Aaand?"

There was another awkward silence. The teacher slowly removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

"Class…you will have to write a 500-word essay on discipline…due tomorrow. Make sure to thank Kagehebi when class ends."

"Oh my God, Leth, you idiot!"


"Go to hell, you dumbass."


Class ended with the entire class pelting Sol's friend with paper balls. A quick figure ran out of the classroom, passing by Sol and Leth. It was a girl with black hair tied in a side ponytail. Leth assumed that she just late for a class.

Ignoring his stupid comment, Sol wondered, "That girl…I think I've seen her before when I forgot my math book the other day. I didn't realize she went to the same school I did…but why do I always see her?"

As the winds blew, the sun shined and the moon rose. Before anyone knew it, a month had already passed. There were only one and a half months of school left before summer arrived, bringing a full blast of heat and fun. "Guess what, Rin?" Sol asked.

"What, Big Bro?" Rin sat at the table, enjoying a bowl of rice and miso soup for breakfast that day.

"You predicted it!" Sol replied with a grin, but some sadness could clear be seen on his face.

"Ooooh! I know! Lethy got dropped didn't he?" Rin exclaimed.

"Yep! Too bad I lost my only friend in History class…Since his schedule is somewhat messed up, he doesn't have lunch with me either." Sol let out a sigh. "Then again…I should have seen this one coming."

"What'd he do to receive the final blow?" Rin asked curiously, but with enthusiasm.

"He blew up the toilet."

Rin remained silent. She finished her soup and then looked Sol in the eyes. "Lethy…blew up…a toilet…"

"Didn't think he'd do it, but yeah…"

"He's such an idiot!" Rin laughed. She finished her rice bowl and handed both bowls to me. "Here you goes, Big Bro! You make food so yummy!"

Sol chuckled and patted her head with the back of his hand, since his hands were already full with the bowls. "Thanks, Rin. Now go get ready for school."

Rin nodded and hurried over to her backpack. Turning on the faucet, Sol grabbed the soap and looked out the window. He washed the bowls as he blankly stared outside, down at the sidewalk on the opposite side of the apartment. What he saw disturbed him however. His hands froze when he saw the same girl from before stare at his window…at him. When the girl realized that she'd been noticed, she quickly hurried away, leaving Sol petrified.

"What's going on?" he thought to himself. "She's in my history class…I'll try to catch her then…"

"I'm ready Big Bro!" Rin shouted, but gasped when she noticed that water was dripping down to the floor. "Oh no!" She grabbed a towel and tossed it on the forming puddle. "Big Bro! Stop the water!"

Sol regained his senses and stared down, noticing a towel collecting the water pouring down from the sink. "Oh right!" Sol quickly turned the water off and sighed.


Sol grinned. He turned around and rested his elbows on the sink and sighed. "My bad…"

After Sol walked Rin to her pre-school, Sol arrived at Akuma High. Everything was the same as usual. He looked forward to catching this strange stalker girl, but to his disappointment, he looked at her usual seat.

"Cera Grandes?" the teacher asked. "Cera Grandes?"

"She's not here!" exclaimed a female classmate. She sat next to her and pointed at the empty seat beside her.

"Hmm…She's usually here…" the teacher muttered to himself. "That's too bad…Such a hard-working student…this one absence might hurt her chances at getting into a top college…"

Sol gritted his teeth. "She was here this morning," he thought. "Something's going on…I know now for sure she's not stalking me…but…"

Knocking on the door, a young woman opened the door and smiled. "You're not in a maid dress anymore," the girl noticed.

"Shh! Quiet! He might hear…"

The girl gulped and entered. Seeing a young man sitting on a couch, she stopped. "What'd you call me here for? I missed a day of school! Just one day could ruin all chances for me!"

"I really doubt you're gonna go to a college anyways…not with your status as a Hybrid," the young man replied. He poked his black aviator glasses up and grinned.

"You're right…but why'd you ask me to come? Don't tell me it was for no reason or I will slap you good!" the girl threatened, holding her arm out.

"Of course I have a reason!" the man laughed. "It's about the boy…uhh…what's his name again?"

"Sol Destello."

"Ah yes…Destello…After all this time, he was unable to reveal a single bit of his abilities…" the man sighed. "I'm really sorry, and I'll regret giving out this order, but I've once heard that tragedy breeds anger and anger breeds power…Do you understand? Also…if the boy ever asks…it's my fault and no one else's."

The girl gasped, but nodded. "I understand."

"If you don't feel comfortable doing it, ask a fellow Hybrid…Try to make it as light as possible to the kid," the man added.

The girl nodded.

Outside of the room, a chat began between the maid and the girl. "You're not really going to do it are you?" asked the maid.

"No…I just…don't have the heart…"

"We have to though…It's the only way to keep the world intact and in control…Oh, I know! We can have that one crazy Yakuza guy do it!"

"Yeah…but it just doesn't seem right…"

The maid put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "I'll make sure that no deaths occur, alright?"

The girl nodded and departed, hoping that the next day would never arrive.