A young girl sat alone in her hospital room, brushing her brown hair. She sat watching the setting sun shining into the room from the window, however, still restrained to resting in her comfy bed.

At the creak of the door, the girl's eyes instantly lit up. "Miss Nurse, you're back!" she exclaimed. But she was wrong, what came in brought her even greater joy. "Big Bro!" she cheered in joy. Rin attempted to hug her older brother, but she had forgotten about her legs. "Ow!"

Sol quickly hurried to his younger sister's aid. "Rin! C'mon...Don't hurt yourself like that," he spoke, setting a hand on her leg.

Rin smiled. "I knew you'd be back soon!" she cried out, hugging her adoptive brother.

The boy rested a hand on her adorable head and grinned. "I'll always be back...don't worry." Sol glanced down at her legs, covered by the snow-white blanket sheets. "Did they say when you were going to up and running again?"

His little sister shook her head. "Not yet, but...it's really fun here! Everyone's so nice! They take really good care of me! I wouldn't mind staying here a bit longer, even after my legs are healed!"

Her response surprised Sol, but he was glad. Glad to see his younger sister happy. Glad to see her doing fine and in good shape. Glad that she was the one he called sister. "So then...Miss Nurse?" Sol questioned in confusion.

Rin's face grew crimson. "I-I know that sounds weird, but! But she's the one that's been taking the most care of me here!"

Sol laughed. "Really then? Looks like I'm Miss Nurse."

Rin couldn't control the laughter inside herself, letting it out in an adorable manner. Sol watched blankly as she continued on for a whole twenty seconds. "Hahaha! You're too funny, Big Bro!"

Sol's expression didn't change. "I thought...I thought I was being serious. Am I really funny?" he thought to himself. "Umm...Rin...I-"

The little girl giggled and held a hand to Sol's mouth. "Hehehe. You'll see soon enough, Big Bro!"

Sol raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really...Can't wait to see 'it.'" he supposed.

Rin's giggling became increasingly loud. "Hehe!" Footsteps approached the door, and the door creaked open again. "Miss Nurse!"

Sol turned around instantly, his only intent was to see the meaning of the joke. And then he saw her. "Holy freaking sh-!" In his eyes, a fairly large woman with a strange, ugly face stood and waved at Rin, who was overjoyed to see her. Sol felt the day's lunch begin to rush up. "Why's she wearing a skirt?!" he roared in his mind, only common sense keeping him from screaming it out.

Rin gaped her mouth open in joy. "Miss Nurse! This is my big brother I always talk about! Big Bro say hi!"

Sol stared at the ground, unable to bring his eyes to look upon the hideous nurse. "Hi," he spoke quietly.

His little sister patted his back. "Oh c'mon, Big Bro! Say it with meaning!" Rin turned her head towards Miss Nurse with a smile. "Sorry, Miss Nurse! My big bro's shy when it comes to women, hehe."

Sol raised both eyebrows, covering Rin's mouth quickly. "Rin! The whole world doesn't need to know that!"

The nurse approached Sol with a smile, holding out her hand. "Hello there," she spoke with a slightly deep voice. "My name is Miss Nurse."

Sol was alarmed by this. "You. Have. Got to be kidding me. Her name is Miss Nurse?!" he thought, again, trying as hard as he could to keep it inside his mind. Sol accepted the hand in politeness, trying not to look the ugly woman in the eyes. However, her grip added so much pressure to the boy's hand that it took both hands to pry it out. "Holy mother..." he muttered silently, glaring as his now-red hands.

Rin smiled with joy. "Glad you're getting along!" The pain Sol experienced caused red patches to appear around his cheeks and forehead, only to be noticed by his younger sister. "Oh my! Sol! You're blushing!"

Sol's eyes widened and touched his face. "I'm what?!"

"Omg! Miss Nurse! I think my big bro likes you!" Rin exclaimed.

Sol dropped his jaw in shock, only a single word could come out. "WHAT?!"

The nurse blushed, for real. "Hehe...I think you're kind of cute too...No one's thought about me like this."

Sol's life was over. He stood speechless as the impossible had just happened. "Life sucks," he silently muttered.

The confusion in the room continued on and on, until the knock of the door silenced things. They all paused. Rin's clapping froze, and she shifted her attention to the door. It was the same for the other two, with Miss Nurse's lips nearly reaching Sol's cheek.

"It's time to g-." At the sight, no more words came out of Perel's mouth. She stood motionless, as if time had frozen right then and there. And then it came. "Hahahaha!...Ahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!" The trainer set a palm on her face, and laughed on and on, leaving the door and cackling down the hall.

"I don't see what's so funny, Perel!" the boy yelled, digging himself out of Miss Nurse's grasp. "Well, I have to go. Later Rin! I'll be back another time! And...you..." Sol gave her a quick evil glare before running off frantically.


The sound of loud footsteps startled the man at work in his dark laboratory. In a room where there was no disturbances, the one thing that did bother the man researching there was the sudden entrance of others. Where better place in the world to research than underground?

After finally walking down the stairs, the man fell to his knees in shame. "I'm sorry, Master! I have failed you once again!" Diabel yelled, shutting his eyes, deeming himself unworthy of setting eyes on his Master.

Arcane laughed. "No, no! Diabel! You did fine!"

He opened his eyes, but his eyes remained on the ground in shame. "I really wish I could have defeated them this time."

The black swivel chair turned around, facing Diabel. With his legs folded, Arcane smiled and watched Diabel with his narrowed eye slits. "You did just fine, Diabel...All I needed was battle information which Bliss has contained in her...Wait, where is she?"

At that moment, Bliss stepped out of the darkness and fell to her knees. "We...Even the two of us couldn't defeat the injured man."

Arcane smirked, and turned his swivel chair back to his research items. "It's no problem, haha. As long as you have the information inside you, Bliss, it's all good."

Bliss nodded. "Yes, I have it. But...still..."

"Don't worry about it!" Arcane replied with a calm tone. "It's all in here, remember?" he reminded, holding up a large book with his right hand. On it read, "Book of the Future." The man set it back down and sighed. "Besides, you two...won't be beating any Infernals or Hybrids...Not until you guys receive that buff you two need. You two are practically humans right now."

Diabel gritted his teeth. "Please, Master! Give me the potion...and then I will-"

Arcane opened his eyes. Bright green they were, unnatural just like his hair, which was split into a black side and a white side. "Don't worry...The time for the great battle...is soon."