You may have noticed that my story Restart has been inactive for months now. I deeply apologize for not mentioning anything concerning the story since the last chapter. At first, I was planning to continue the story after working on my other main story, Renegade. However, I went back and looked over Restart and have found many mistakes and errors. In some instances, I have even cornered myself. I don't want to resort to a deus ex machina to resolve certain problems. Those are the primary reasons as to why I have decided to discontinue Restart.

The other reason is that I have grown a lot in terms of writing skill since then. The first ten chapters of Restart are examples of the novice writing skills I had possessed then. I want to "restart" Restart with a richer plot and a stronger expression.

Anyways...done with the serious demeanor. xD Again, I deeply apologize for this late announcement. However...this will not be the end of Restart, as I will begin to write the story after I complete Renegade, which I encourage you readers to check out. Well, I guess that's it. Thank you all for your support!