Sometimes it is good to have help. Even though sometimes unwanted, it is usually necessary by those who believe that they don't. But would you accept it from strangers? Even ones who were in a similar situation not too long ago? Even if their intentions were good? Even if they were not from your planet? What would you do?

A small group of four kids from Lupire that have been raised and trained to blend in with humans are finally preparing for the first official day of their mission. The mission objective: to save the human race. From Lupirian perspective, it is a shame to let such an interesting and relatively new species accidently destroy themselves. Especially since the Lupirians looked so similar to the humans, with the exception that they can't develop extra abilities as they develop. Other than that, the people of Lupire were curious to see and hear more of these humans and how they survive; they wanted them to steer clear of their spiraling path of self-destruction. To correct this destruction from occurring, the Head Council chose four infants who had shown progress in learning. Four had been chosen and from then on were spoken to in only earth English. They were taught how to swim, to drive a gasoline powered vehicle, or car as they say on earth, and man the shuttle that would carry them there and be an emergency getaway. The planet had sent earlier spies nearly twenty Earth years ago to planet radio signals and transmitters. With those devices, the group had been able to tune into television and radio. After fourteen years of training, the four were put in their craft and sent on the three day journey to Earth.

Dylan awoke inside his sleep chamber. Through the blue glass, he could see his comrades, Noelle, Coralie, and Malena. They all remained asleep, untouched by his own nightmare. He watched them as their slow, calm breathing. He closed his eyes again, hoping to avoid the images his subconscious mind had brought to his attention. It was no use. The images flashed behind his eyelids. For the second time, he opened his eyes, startled by that face. He sighed as he pushed the door open and floated over to his favorite window. He grabbed onto the safety bar and stared out into the stars which were much more vivid than on his own planet. This was so far the second most rewarding part of this mission. The stars were beautiful and they even passed through a few new systems that they had studied the year before boarding this stupid ship. He heard one of them wake up and open their pod's door, but he continued to pretend not to notice.

"Breakfast," Malena called, not only scaring Dylan out of his day dream but also thoroughly waking everyone up in the cabin. She noticed Dylan facing away from her and grabbed a food packet. "Are you hungry, Dylan?" When he didn't answer immediately, Malena chucked the packet at the back of his head. She grinned evilly as he yelped in surprise. "You should know by now not to ignore me."

Dylan glared at Malena. "What's your problem, Lena," he whined still rubbing his head. "That was a little uncalled for…"

"You weren't listening to me," she replied. Lena tossed another food packet from hand to hand. "Don't make me throw another," she threatened, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugged, not wanting to get into an argument. Lena can dish out the insults, especially early in the morning or when she is hungry. In this case it was both. Dylan didn't stand a chance. He opened his food packet and inside the same dehydrated eggs. Same as the day before and the day before. "Do we have anything else?"

"NO," she snarled. "I wish we did though." Lena yawned and opened her food packet. Dehydrated French toast. She sighed. "Wanna trade?"

"What do you got?" he asked, sure she would have the same she did yesterday.

"Cinnamon toast with raisins," she lied.

"Really? That's new. Sure." He handed over his packet. He looked at his new one. "Hey! This is french toast you liar!" He sighed, it was better than having those crunchy eggs again.

Lena smiled and took the eggs. She took a pot of boiling water from the stove and poured it into the packet. Laughing at Dylan, she took a fork and began to eat. "Yum," she said. "Rehydrated eggs…. They're not so bad," she said, chewing slowly.

Dylan ate his dry French toast. He saw Noelle floating over. "Want some breakfast?"

"It's dehydrated," Lena trilled.

"Yum! My favorite!" She said sarcastically. "Sure I'll have some."

Lena rolled her eyes and threw a packet at Noelle. "Eat up, Elle," she said. She swallowed her eggs and sighed. "Why did we accept this mission again? I'm getting sick of having three options of breakfast. Dehydrated eggs, Dehydrated French toast, which really should be called French crackers, or starving."

"Soon, I think I will be taking option three," he said swallowing the last of the 'crackers'. "And this mission is critical!" He said in a mocking tone of their former officer, who had been very strict with them and never had time for any kind of complaining or nonsense.

Noelle let go of the bar on the ceiling and started to eat her 'crackers' and 'eggs'. She made a face. "I can't wait to get back home! I hear the food on Earth is horrid." She threw away her empty pack of eggs and toast, trying to swallow down the food.

"Trust me, it's better than this crap," Lena grumbled. "When are we supposed to get there, Dylan? Oh, morning Cora!"

Coralie opened up her door, looking more like her normal morning self, still half asleep. "Good morning, Cora." Dylan called extra loud just to bug her.

"Since when is morning goo—"she interrupted herself with a yawn. "Good," she finished. Lena rolled her eyes.

"Here, we can't even tell when it's morning. And by the way Cora, it's never a good thing." Lena collapsed into a bunk and covered her head with a pillow.

Dylan looked over the group. Shouldn't they be excited, or at the very least grateful that they were chosen? They were hand selected by the head council. He studied each one, more than usual. Cora was getting her lightly curly brown hair in her food packet, because she was either too tired to notice or didn't really care. Her greenish brown were barely focusing on the food in front of her, still trying to convince her that she was still asleep.

Lena picked up her head from beneath the pillow where she'd been hiding. Her near black eyes locked and narrowed on Cora, who was eating her food too slowly. She chucked a juice box from next to her at the unsuspecting girl. "You eat too slowly," she said. Then, she plopped her head back down on the pillow and the pillow became upholstered in a carpet of black hair.

"Ow," she said through her food filled mouth. "Just because I don't shovel it done my throat doesn't mean I eat too slowly, right Dylan?" She gave him a look to emphasize the need for him to back her up.

"No, you eat slow." Dylan said, sticking his tongue as she gave him an annoyed look.

Lena laughed, although it was slightly muffled through the pillow. "Ha! Take that Cora."

Noelle rolled her sky blue eyes. "Don't gang up on Cora. Even though she does eat slowly," she mentioned. She shook her head and her long blonde hair, which she always kept in a ponytail, swung from side to side, in sync with her head.

"Well, then after you guys are done making fun of my eating habits," she said brushing pieces out of her hair. "I would like to mention that today is landing day." Lena picked her head up and looked over excitedly.

"What? Really? You mean we are off this floating tin can?" Her eyes visibly brightened at the thought of having real food.

"Yeah we landed three days ago. Where have you been?" Dylan said sarcastically. "Hey can you go get me some real eggs down the street?" He smiled.

Lena glared at Dylan. "I've been stuck in a metal trash can for the past three days with you. I'd think I'd know when we landed. So, no…. Go get your own eggs and go get sucked into deep space." Noelle shook her head as Malena chucked yet another juice box.

"Where are you getting these?" she asked the girl who was still lying on the bunk.

"Well," Lena replied, "I pulled them out of my a—"

Noelle interrupted Lena before she could finish her sentence. "Okay, I'm sorry I asked you a question early in the morning."

"You should be," she replied. Lena turned to face the group.

"So what's the game plan? What time are we due for touchdown?" Dylan asked Cora, who was the only one, despite her sleepiness who had answers.

"Four in the morning. That is, for the area's time. We will land in what they call the Atlantic Ocean. We will then set up base camp in a hotel. That's why we were supposed to be up an hour earlier. But you guys woke us up right on time. Thanks Lena," she groaned.

"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh," was the only response Cora received from Lena.-

Dylan rolled his eyes at Lena. Her rude awakening got him hit in the head with a baggy of lumpy dried eggs. "So how long till we put on our gear and land?" he asked.

"About thirty minutes so we should start to secure everything," she said, beginning to show a tone of leadership.

The shuttle was tidied up and prepared for landing. During the mission's time, it would remain submerged in the ocean, following the crew. It strayed only 50 miles from them and could be reached through telecommunications on each member's tracker medallion around their necks. These were only precautions in the event that there is a need to escape the situation and flee.

After securing everything, they each began to put on their gear, color coordinated surf shirts, bathing suits, and snorkeling goggles. What they were taught to believe is normal gear for human's to wear in the water.

Lena threw on her black shirt and purple bottoms. "Not bad," she complimented herself, looking in the mirror. She tied back her hair and put on her goggles. "How do I look?"

"Black is definitely your color," Dylan mocked her tone and poise. "Don't I look fabulous? Don't answer. I already know I do." He strutted around a few times, showing off his red top and navy blue trunks.

"Can you two stop it? This is serious," Noelle ranted, showing her nervousness. She fiddled with her pink top that was over a pair of baby blue trunks.

"We need to take this as serious as possible." Cora wasn't kidding anymore. She was the only one taking this morning seriously. This caused everyone to pay attention and return to preparing for the landing. Everyone sat in their seats in the cockpit. Cora fastened her belt over her light green top and white bottoms. She was ready. They were all ready.

The sun wasn't yet touching their destination, that much they could see as they hurdled into the atmosphere, heading for the blue area twenty miles out in the water next to their coordinates. The ship leveled out and preformed a gentle dive that erupted a decently sized wave towards the shoreline they were headed. The crew headed in an orderly fashion to the bottom of the ship, the launch pad. They all new exactly how to put on the masks and open the hatch on the floor of the shuttle, it was all done in practice, but the second they hit the surface of the water, the four were on their own.

(Special Thanks to SoHotOut and Doop for their input and partial writing. They should be given the same amount of credit as I for the creation of this section.)