Hey there gals and guys, it's Sarah here.
Recently I've gone through a lot of stuff. Starting University, suffering from a bout of plagiarism and other personal issues. Despite this however I have always intended to keep writing. My story 'Dared to Love' is one I never intended to publish, except here on Fictionpress, and the same goes for the following stories for Carla and Kira. These stories are close to my heart but they aren't as important as the novel I intend to publish. This idea has recently been shown some interest and so I have decided to concentrate on this for the moment. This means that 'Dared to Love' will, for the moment, be going on Hiatus. I may still update now and then but not on a regular basis and possibly not at all. (I'll probably still put one-shots up now and then). This story will be finished someday though, so don't despair. I wouldn't do this unless something else was more important. I would really love to publish this other story I have my eye on and so I want to put all my focus on this. Thank you for all your support and feedback during my writing, plagiarism and everything. Your words have meant the world to me and are what have kept me going and growing as a writer. You guys rock!
Sincerely, Sarah.