Survivor Chapter 1

My eyes fly open and a gasp escapes my lips. A mixture of orange, red, and yellow light comes in a blurry image. I blink and my vision clears. I watch in horror as sparks fly everywhere and see that before me glows a massive, bright fire. Smoke blows throughout my room, clouding my eyes now that they're open, and clogging my throat now that I'm breathing through my mouth. I go into a coughing fit, and any spit that was in my mouth sputters out. Once it's over, I jerk upward. If I want to live, I need to escape.

I roll out of bed and manage to dodge sparks that are soaring towards me. I search for an escape route because obviously I can't stay in my room. Then I see it; the door to my bathroom. Luckily the massive fire is only in front of my bed. I crawl to the bathroom and tumble into it. Quickly I shut the sliding door and look out the other door which leads to the hallway. Not too bad. I gulp, knowing I have to try to save my family. I stand up, and as loud as my sore throat will let me, shout, "Fire!" Next, I get back down on my hands and knees and tumble down the hall, trying not to breathe in the dangerous smoke.

As I tumble down the hall, I suddenly recall my precious bed blankets, sewn by my great-grandmother. They're passed down to either the middle girl or the youngest girl, whichever applies, as a tradition. I guess that tradition just ended.

I finally reach my younger sister's bedroom. Elizabeth, only 14 months old, is in her crib, or at least what's left of her crib. She's pretty much just lying lifelessly in a pile of metal and embers, surrounded by thick gray smoke.

I squint through the smoke and see the flames have also eaten away at her dresser, changing table, and nightstand, and are finishing up anything that had surrounded her crib. I know I'm grasping at thin straws, but maybe she is alive.

I crawl toward my baby sister and gently grab her body from the pile. Her skin is ice cold, but burning hot as well. Her usually bright blue eyes are squeezed shut, and her mouth is formed in a tight, determined expression. Her hands are clenched in tiny fists, as if she was struggling to survive. And yet, she was.

I feel for her pulse, just to make myself feel better. Nothing. She's…dead. Tears well up in my eyes for my baby sister, the one I loved so much.

A scream breaks me from my mourning. I whirl around, realizing I could still save Bethany, my older sister, and my parents. Cradling Elizabeth in my arms, I manage to make my way out of the room and toward the screaming source.

Which just happens to be my parent's room.

Their room is ablaze, piles of soot replacing their once wood furniture. My eyes scan the room for my parents, and I find them peeking out from under a heavy wood bookshelf. Flames are making their way to the shiny object, ready to destroy. My mom's head is poking out from under it, her neck twisted in a weird way. My dad is trying to push it off of her, but he's failing miserably, as part of that is a deep burn on his side.

"Dad," I screech, dashing to them. My dad sees me, his eyes flickering with hope. But then his eyes spotted Elizabeth and sadness replaces it.

"Treasa…" He murmurs, trailing off.

"G-g-get your sister," my mom chokes out.

"Mom, you're alive?" I whisper.

"Treasa…I-I…not really," She stammers weakly. I then understand what she means as the light is fading from her bright blue eyes.

"Mom," I scream. I hug her tightly and she hugs back. After a minute, she manages to whisper, "I love you."

"I love you too Mom," I say just before her chest stops.

"Get your sister, Treasa." My dad snaps at me, and I jump in surprise.

I spin around and see the anger in his eyes. 'Oh no, is he going to hurt me?' I think quickly to myself. "Now," He snarls, and I'm shoved out of the room, Elizabeth falling from my arms.

When I'm out of the room, he picks me up by my pajama shirt and holds me close. My eyes grow wide in fear as I stare into his dark brown eyes.

"Get her and she better be alive," He hisses and I'm thrown to the wall. I quickly get up and race to Bethany's room.

When I reach Bethany's room, I'm out of breath and my side is hurting really bad from when I had been thrown at the wall. But I don't dare to stop, in fear my dad will see me and won't let me live. Just the thought of being burned alive makes me shudder, but also gives me a burst of energy.

I scramble to Bethany's room, avoiding the wall of fire that surrounds half of her room, only growing larger and moving toward her. "Bethany!" I shriek and shake her sleeping body. She jerks up, her blue eyes widening in surprise. She screams when she sees the fire and I grab her arm and pull her toward the door. She finally gains sense and stumbles after me in a flurry.

"We're making it, we're going to survive." I mumble to myself. Those words are only a jinx, though. Just as we're reaching the door, there's a huge thud and screech. I whirl around, gasping in horror. The roof had collapsed on top of my sister. I don't waste my time just standing there, though. I grab a hold of the blazing brick roof and push. A sharp, stinging pain flies through my hands, but I ignore it and push harder.

After a few more hard pushes, most of the roof topples off of her. She's on fire from head to toe.

"Roll, roll!" I shriek at her, worry suppressing through me. My hands are a deep, red, but I could care less. The flames are beginning to surround us, closing us in, but I have to save my sister.

Bethany rolls around on the carpeted floor, desperately trying to get the fire off of her. But she's failing miserably. The smoke seems to be going just to her and she's hacking wildly. 'No, not my sister.' My mind spins. I make an attempt to stomp on her huge pajama shirt, but only burn my bare feet in the process. She's dying right in front of me. It's my fault…my fault.

"Treasa…" Bethany croaks. Her face is no longer on fire, but the rest of her body is. She's burning alive. Tears are streaming down her red, scratchy face and she looks more terrified than ever.

"Bethany, keep rolling." I urge. The fire is coming closer, ready to finish her off and start on me. No…

"Treasa…I'm sorry."

"NO! YOU WILL LIVE! KEEP ROLLING!" I scream at her, my voice desperate, scared and a bit angry. She sighs and rolls but the fire refuses to go out.

Suddenly, millions of sparks fly at me, hitting my exposed arms and legs. I screech and jump backwards, but manage to stop myself before I run into the burning door.

"Go, Treasa. Please. I love you, sister. This is my fate. Please, go." Bethany whispers. The fire is starting to burn her face again, having finished off her legs and stomach.

"No, you won't die like this." I say shakily.

"Then just…" Bethany trails off, hesitating.

"What?" I demand.

"My knife…it's in my pocket." Bethany chokes out. I freeze.

"You promised you would stop cutting." I manage to say. Guilt flashes through her eyes.

"Dad hurt you and Eliza again. He promised he would stop." Bethany points out. I can't believe she's still alive yet. She's practically dead, barely hanging on. But she won't die anytime soon. The people that are burned alive in movies never die quickly.

"Please, Treasa. Please." My sister begs.

"No, I can't kill you, Beth." I shake my head, but even as I do, my arm is reaching for the knife.

"Just give me a quick death, sister. Anything but this; anything." Bethany murmurs. I can't stand to see my sister in pain, but can I really kill my own family member, my kin?

So, it's a cliffie! Mwahahahahah!