Churning the thoughts in my head

Tired ideas arguing restlessly inside me

I turn over and over my thoughts and actions

But all I can see is the finish line

Idealise over the dreams just out of reach

Push back the nightmares and worries that flooded me

The thought of tomorrow keeping me wide awake

My stricken body lay expiated on my bed

Then as sunlight creeps in and dark thoughts of the night sneak out the crack under my door

I slip out and stumble to the goal post

Tapping my foot impatiently as I wait and wait and wait and wait

It felt like hours till the next minute ticked by

It felt like miles till I could reach it

Touch it, feel it in my arms

Then as I approach what I had dreaded last night

What I had fantasised for years

The thoughts and dreams I had entertained on a rainy eve

The wind curled around me like a snake

Its whispered warns lay thick in the breeze

The cold chill run down my spine and a sweat pricked on my brow

Then a rumble of noise erupted from the room

What seemed like hundreds of clusters of people huddled round each other

Some whispered and consoled each other

Some shouted and bounced off the walls

While neat desks placed in a row were littered with papers

Somewhere in that pile a paper form of me waited patiently for curious eyes to peep across it

I whisper my name; He plucked a piece of jumbled words and sentences that made no sense

Piled it in my greedy hands and I walked away

Numbers and Letters sat in neat little columns

My eyes ran down it

The relief seemed overwhelming

A smile spread across my face

Family friends and nosey eyes looked at me

With questions in their eyes

"I passed!" I screamed

A surge of arms rallied round me as I bounded out the room

My exam results clutched in my hands

Like an applause for my efforts

Like a bubble around me casting away the haters.

I. Did. It.