A Wiccan Love Story

Chapter one

School and Meeting

The white bleached walls of Wicca High seemed oppressive, and looked like a prison.

The walls bore the familiar symbol of the Goddess and the God. Claire was of a slender build with ash blonde hair which was slightly wavy; she had a tattoo of the Goddess on both of her arms. She walked to her first class which was Wiccan History with a Mr Le Roux.

"Now class please may I introduce Claire Truter she will be attending Wicca High as from tod" Mr Le Roux was cut short as Gina the Seer of the school stood up her eyes glassy that came with a prophecy.

"One will come who will destroy this world and rebuild it along with her powers she will have power that the darkness does not fear and yet uses it for evil, and his love will redeem her as she s the Chosen she will bear the symbol of the Goddess! " At last Gina looked at the rest of the class, her face not disguising the fear that was in her eyes. Mr Le Roux looked at the class with something like suspicion. The bell rang signaling the end of the period, Claire walked out as fast as she was able but Gina caught up with her.

"Hello I am Gina the Seer of the school and a Blood Witch of the White Forest Clan."

Hey i know this is a short chapter but the next one will be longer i promise