Making new Friends

"I'm Claire Blood Witch of the White Waters Clan" she said "What class do we have next?"

"Cool" Gina said "Um I think it is Old English with Mrs. Le Roux and we better not be late, she will give you detention in a sec."

The new friends giggled and laughed. Claire felt like she was a normal Blood Witch. She looked at her new friend who was not scared but then again she did know that Claire from a Dark Witch father and a Light Witch mother. She hoped that no one would find out about that. Mrs. Le Roux looked like an elf with her delicate features her eyes blue like the ocean on a clear day but it also liked wise sort of like an owl. Her dress creased as she walked, and she smelt like lilies and daisies. Claire smiled at a memory of her mother where she had also smelt like lilies and daisies.

Claire went and sat at the back of the class next to a boy who had blonde hair the most amazing bottle green eyes and he looked tall and lanky, he was dressed in the emo/goth style of dress she saw a spiked leather band on his arms with a tattoo representing the God on his left arm, she smiled at him.

"Hi I'm Claire!"

"I am Tristan!" he said

He smiled at her with a mild interest which had sparked in his oh so green eyes.

"Miss Truter Please pay attention and take out your Old English workbook and copy down the work on the board before you get a detention on your first day at Wicca High!" said Mrs. Le Roux.

Claire blushed a red spot creeping over her cheeks. The whole class was silent as they watched the new girl get in trouble.

The teacher turned back t o the board with a discernible huff and continued to write on the board. Thirty minutes later the bell rang it was a loud sound startling everyone out of their reverie. The class quickly packed away their books and walked out of the pale grey classroom. In the passageways Tristan quickly made his way to Claire.

"I was wondering if you would like to have lunch with me in the cafeteria at lunch time?"

Claire smiled at the thought.

"Well he is cute enough for me to have lunch with, he is not like Jason where he tried to hurt me I hope." she thought

Before she answered him her brother Bear in front of them "Boo!" Claire jumped a foot into the air.

"Dude what are you doing here with my twin sister?" Bear said

"Um I was going to take Claire to the cafeteria." Tristan said

Bear smiled "OK just bring her back in one piece."

Bear left with a smirk that Claire knew so well.

"Sure sounds like fun, I just have to pop to the bathroom and sorry about my brother he is a bit over protective." Claire said with faint smile.

Without waiting for his answer she ran to the bathroom where she straightened her favorite blue top and she made sure her black leggings were perfect for Tristan. She went back out to him with a smile.

"Hey little bro what you doing for interval?" came a new voice that sounded like flowing water.

Tristan paled at the voice, Claire looked around at the speaker, and she too paled at the visage that she was presented with. It was Jason in the flesh.

"I see you have met the school slut Claire!"

Claire tried to connect with her big brother using their twiness as a focal point Bear I need you the mental sound reverberated through the whole school till it found its destination. Bears head snapped up in World History class, he stood up and ran out of the room, he attracted odd stares as he ran to where his sister was. His breath was ragged as he slid to a stop in his black shoes.

"Leave my sister alone you freak of nature!" he snarled.

Jason looked surprised then shocked the emotions flowed over his face in myriad of facial expressions. Bear looked around looking for Tristan's black clad assassins that Tristan called friends he saw three of them and he smiled ready for a fight, Claire paled she knew that smile.

"Bear no don't do it please they will kill you." She shouted from where Jason had grabbed her

Bear looked at his sister and he smiled a gentle non threatening smile it lit his blue eyes up, his hands came up glittering with his blue/red fire and hurled it with all his strength at the deadly assassins.

They dodged jumping to high for a normal human; the one on the right ran straight for him drawing its dagger which gleamed with deadly intent. There was a dull squelch as the dagger hit in home.

"BEAR!" Claire screamed as she felt the life starting leave her brothers body, she wrenched herself from his grasp and ran to her brother her hands glowing with a white healing light she fell onto of her brother healing him or at least trying to heal him.

"Sis it is no use I am dying!" his red blood stained hands reached to his neck and ripped off the necklace she had bought for him it was a gentle silver chain with a butterfly, a quartz crystal and a star. He fastened around her neck and he smiled his heart swelling with the love he felt for his sister.

"Be brave my sister!" he said with his last breath.

Claire saw and felt his energy go out, her eyes glazed over with pain and anger, she stood up, blue/black fire burning in her hands. Full of pain and anger she strode right up to the assassin and melted his dagger with just a touch, he yelped backing away from her.

"I'm going to kill you like you killed my brother, I'm going to gut you like a pig!" she shouted furious.

He tried to jump but she caught him with an invisible net that emitted the smell of roses.

"Wait!" he begged desperate "I will tell you something if you spare my life please I am begging you."

Claire looked complacent for a span of about 20 seconds as her brain raced towards her answer.

"STOP". Have you all forgotten the Rede? And ye harm none do as ye will!" the voice quoted.

Claire whipped her head around her blonde hair hitting her face as she tuned to look at the unknown voice. It was Gina.

"I know he hurt your brother but there is nothing you can do for him now!"

Claire looked at Tristan and Jason.

"You will pay for what you have done to me and my family I swear it." She said with malice dripping with her chilling words.

There you go guys I hope you enjoy this slightly bloody chapter! LOL enjoy….