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Chapter 1


"No, no! Seriously? But, Jen...You can't! What will I do without you? I'm dead without you!"

I wailed, clutching at the Jenner's shirt, nearly pulling the light cotton off. Just an hour earlier, Jenner, my steady partner, had called me that he wanted to meet me. Of course, I would do anything to gather up alone time with him since my parents were off shopping. They always went shopping at this time of evening, leaving me to have the whole house to myself. Jenner was so stoking, any girl would abandon anything to get time with this handsome, practical boy who belonged to a pretty comfortable family.

Jenner had very nice looks: his bronze-colored hair were smooth and covered half his forehead, with soft hair over the ears and at the back of his neck; he had penetrating, wise and beautiful brown eyes; his lips were not as full but still lovely, and he had a creamy face. A face any model would want. Whatever he looked like and dressed like, he appeared to be a guy who showed in fair creams, hair gel and cellphone commercials.

His father worked for the a very big hospital, and he was the reason that now, I was clutching to Jen, my legs tangled with his on the sofa on which we both lounged, and his hands were locked on my wrists as he tried to pry me apart and soothe me. A half-eaten batch of homemade cream puffs was on the table. I knew they were his favorite.

"Oh, Kate," he said exasperatedly, as he gave in to pulling me apart and instead, grabbed my waist in his strong arms, and sat me upright on the couch, tucking the old afghan over my shoulders. He squeezed me aside him, and after a little time, I was able to calm down.

I didn't know what was I feeling: shock, anger, sorrow, or anything. The things were jumbled together. Because I could not lose him: he was my life.

So, like I said, his father - Mr. Casey - had worked as a surgeon in a big hospital here in my place - Port Angeles - and now he was presented an opportunity to continue his job with ten times salary in Los Angeles, or quit his job here and go make a living somewhere else. It was a big chance for Mr. Casey to have his dream fulfilled, and cover up his loans and wages. He was also the kind of person who loved to work and help as a doctor.

So now, I was out.

Jenner had come to my home, his eyes sad, but his lips playing a dazzling, uneven smile. I had offered him his favorite cream puffs and juice, and then I had dragged him to my den.

We made out a bit first, like we always did. I couldn't resist, and it looked like neither could he. The state of my home blouse and jeans, which were wrinkled and twisted now, verified that we had been pleasing each other a little too much over our laps.

Then Jenner had pulled me away, eating up more of the dozen cream puffs, and then with a very grim smile, had told me:

"My dad is taking us away forever to Los Angeles."

Bam! Just like that, it had fallen while I grasped the meaning of his words. And then I was clinging to him like he were a life jacket, which was exactly the case for me.

"Look, Kate. I know this is gonna be hard for both of us. The way we've been so abnormally close for a year is something that will never let us be apart. Whatever happens. We'll be together in our hearts."

Jenner fingered my hair softly, running his hand over my cheek and then cupping his smooth hand around my chin to make me face him.

I didn't know that my eyes were getting very wet and liquid was leaking from the corner of my lashes. I let them fall. What the hell?

Jenner's voice got very soft. "I'll never forget you. I swear that every second I'm away, I'll see your face behind my lids...your voice in my mind...our times spent together..."

I looked down as he spoke. He leaned down and kissed my cheeks, licking away the tears that fell, and I reached up a hand to twist it in his hair.

"Jenner, I understand. I guess we were supposed to be together just for this little time," I sobbed into his hair as he rested his warm cheek against my chest.

At my words, he rose up and I saw that pain was in his eyes, along with wetness. And suddenly I was in his arms as he hugged me to his chest, patting my long hair. I wrapped my arms around him so that there was no room to escape.

I wanted to grab as much of him as possible, his scent - more delicious and sweet to me than freesia or flower -, his touch, the feel of him around me. I was never going to see him again. He was going, forever.

"Of course," he mumbled a while later, still holding me in a bear hug, "I'll try my best to get back to you whenever I can. At least we can still be in contact. Dad says that I need to get 'attached to my new environment'. All shit and crap. But once I graduate, I'm going to do my best to come back into your arms. Okay?"

I nodded as the hysterical sobs in my chest finally subsided. "I'll send you letters, and we're also using the Internet and I'll rise your bills to mountain size by phone calls. Everything."

He laughed once, lightening the mood. "You're gonna make do with Dad's salary?"

"Why not."

"Serves him right." He chuckled again, and marveled at the sound of his voice. He sighed then. "I gotta go. We've packed up all the stuff and we're having flight tomorrow. Early morning, four o' clock."

"You're going already?" I looked up to glare at him with wet eyes. "So soon?"

"I came to tell you goodbye. You can't be there at the airport this early. Dad's very happy and I don't want to disturb him, even though he deserves it."

I sniffed and loosened my grip on him. He stood up and then hauled me up as well. He grabbed me up in his arms, cradling me like a child. For the last time.

It was the most wonderful kiss we ever had. Most likely because it felt like we were standing in the rain of tears and every emotion leaked through the force with which Jenner kissed me goodbye. I would always miss this: the reality of it and the pleasure. His kisses soothed me.

He pulled on my lower lip gently once, after our kiss. Then he squeezed me gently.

"I love you," I whispered as he broke the hug.

"Stay safe, Kate, love. For me."

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