Author's Note

I never wished for an author's note to come disturb this story rhythm. But here it is. And it is about something like...


Seriously, this is no prank/joke. The reasons I'm discontinuing this story are that:

1. I have a very tight study schedule in which I find time to write only once a week. Plus, I write stories on Fanfiction too, and I cannot update on two sites for different categories and stuff...You get the picture.

2. I got no inspiration to continue this story any more. I admit I had the whole story figured out; I knew the scenes and I had written all the final drafts, ready to be posted. But the thing is that what is the point of writing if you don't get any reviews? I think I need improvement...I could be cliche in writing and with stupid grammar...I dunno. But I totally have no motivation and inspiration to continue this story any more. I was very disappointed every time I checked the review count for The Prom Horror.

Too bad. I had so many ideas and stuff for this. But that's it, anyone-who's-reading-this. The Prom Horror is discontinued.And I dunno when I will start this again.

Bye guys.