Made: Wednesday, September 1, 2011

Time: 12:21p.m.

You should keep feeling bad for yourself
I just dig these holes here for my health

Smile, smile, the dog days are dim
We can see the lies in your ugly grin

Can't you feel it spiraling out of control?
Dying a good death is our only goal

Rats in the cage and soldiers in the jail
We want to win this war but we only ever fail

And you'll never call your families 'cause you never understood
Just what it means and it's something that you should

But I guess we all can't be so lucky…

We're never reach the top, but we're fine just where we stand
Always telling others we can't when we can

Bloody, bloody Hell is where you'll be
The mirror on the wall is the only thing you see

You tell yourself you should have stopped right then and there
But saving a life is a burden you won't bare

And as you're falling further, what a graceful stunt
You scream out for attention you pretend that you don't want

Poor little loser, your life is just so bad
So sad, too bad, it's just a passing fad

But I guess we all can't be so lucky…