" 10 minutes Kora. Then you go live."

I turned away from my mirror and smiled at Betty. I was careful about watching the clock, but it was nice to have her remind me. I smiled and nodded.

"Thanks Betty. How's it looking out there?"

She crouched down and fixed her graying hair and make-up in the mirror while she talked to me.

"It's full as always. There's not an empty seat to be found anywhere. The people are excited, the cameras are warming up for your live broadcast-"

I squeaked in alarm. "Camera? Broadcast? T-tonight…live?"

Betty stood up and silenced my protests. "You've done these before and they have all gone fantastic. You have more talent in you than I've seen in my eighty years."

As she talked, I looked down at the ground, what she said couldn't possibly be true. Not of me anyways. I heard how I sounded, she made it seem like I was the next biggest singer to come along. Then I noticed Betty had gone silent, so I turned to see her waiting on me to focus. When she seen that she had my attention she continued.

"I know you can do it, your fans have always believed in you, and the rest of your band believes you can do it also." Smiling she looked over at the group who were busy eating and when she seen what they were eating, she narrowed her eyes. "Speaking of your band, I have some manager things to take care of." With that she walked off towards the group.

I vaguely wondered what the group had done this time, so I turned and watched Betty walk up to the group and casually start talking to them. "Maybe they didn't do anything for a change," I thought to myself. "Maybe she just wanted to make sure everything is working as it should be." With a shrug I started to turn back around when out of the corner of my eye I seen her casually lean down and pick something up. I turned back around and had picked up their nachos without anybody realizing it. "I should have known, Betty and her nachos. Wonder how long it will be until they notice that she took them." I couldn't take it anymore, I walked away from them laughing. It wasn't until she had gotten halfway across the room from them that they noticed.

"Aw, come on Betty, those were our nachos! We were eating those!"

"Not 5 minutes before going onstage your not!" Betty called over her shoulder, her voice muffled. "But thanks for the nachos! They're delicious!"

The group groaned in unison and I felt myself relaxing. Betty was right, it wasn't going to be as bas as I made it to be. I walked up to the side of the stage as I relaxed. "She was probably only saying it was completely full to make me feel better. It's probably only half full, and the cameras are for some strange out of town reporter. Yes, that's it." Having reassured myself that it was so, I peeked into the crowd and immediately wished I hadn't.

When she had said that it was full, she was kidding. It wasn't full, it was packed. Yes, there is a difference. Full means if you do it right, you can sit somewhere. Packed is you can't even sit in the isles, and that was what we had. Fearing the rapidly growing terror in my stomach I hunted out the cameras and seen what I already knew: They were cameras that would broadcast me to anyone anywhere in the world. Great.

"Two minutes everyone! Get ready, go get them!"

I pulled back away from the stage and closed my eyes. No way was I going to do this, it was to much. The crowd was growing excited and hidden just outside the stage I could hear what was happening.

"Kora! Kora! Kora!"

"Kora, you alright?"

I opened my eyes to see Betty and Zane watching me with concern. I managed a small smile.

"Yes, I'm just focusing for tonight. Thanks Zane for getting Betty and checking on me."

Zane ruffled his already messed up blond hair and nodded as he walked off. Betty continued to watch me so I checked over my outfit once more. My black leather pants were spotless and my favorite red shirt with the one long sleeve was make-up free. A moment later I found Bettys arms around me and I was enveloped by the smell of vanilla cookies.

"You'll do fine," she whispered. "Show them Nyghtstar pride." With one final hug she let go and I nodded.

"She's right, nothing scares a Nyghtstar. We were born to do this. Just like before."

I pulled my long black hair into a ponytail as I called the group together as the announcer introduced us. "We have this, let's show them who we are and what it means to be. Because we are," I paused and matched my words with the announcer, "The one, the only true group of the night, the Nyghtstars!" With that I led us onstage.

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