We walked in silence for awhile, neither of us willing to be the first to break the silence that wrapped around us. I used the silence to try and get my thoughts in order. When I had seen him earlier, I had known exactly what to say and how it should have been said. But now that I actually had the chance to say it I found that the words would just come off as demanding, whiny, and self centered. Even simple conversations I played to myself in my head didn't sound right.

As I navigated around a fallen tree branch that was quickly blending with the dusk, I looked over at Viktor. he was studying the ground as he walked, hands deep in the pockets of his trench coat that he thought to bring along and his hair was blowing around his face. He looked like content for the minute, content to let me piece together my thoughts as needed.

Darkness, blowing trench coat, messed up hair I mused to myself. All that is missing here is a full moon for effects and a creepy old building looming in the background. I shook my head, so much for trying to focus. As Rico would put it, I was going to have to put wings on it and hope it had the ability to fly.


I looked over at Viktor to see him studying me with one eyebrow raised. I pointed up.

"Full moon tonight. A little joke to myself."

He looked up and studied it for a minute.

"I see." He looked back at me. "Do I want to know what you found so amusing?"

"No. I'm not telling and I highly doubt you can guess. If you can't guess, you are buying us both coffees." I stopped in front of a little diner. "If you can, I will buy."

He looked around awhile, then started guessing.

"For my first guess...I'm thinking…I am going with a scene from a cheesy movie with me as the villain. Second guess…"

"Wait." I held up my hand. "Who said you got to be the villain?"

"Did I guess right?"

"Just maybe, for once, I made you as the hero. Maybe, maybe not."

"So I am right. Admit it."

I sighed and followed him into the diner. "You wasn't supposed to guess. I so didn't want to pay." I looked around and selected a booth that was away from the crowd. Upon seeing that our table came equipped with a jukebox, he pounced on it and began flipping through songs while talking to me.

"Well, as much as I hate to burst your note-"

"You mean bubble?"

"Whatever. It was a singer reference. Anyway, I am broke." He inserted coins into the box and cheerful oldies music filled our booth. "Well, actually, as of now I am officially broke. So you would have had to pay anyway." He closed his eyes and began humming.


He refocused on me. "Yes Rachel?"

"Focus. I brought you out here to talk for a reason."

Hearing this he leaned shifted and leaned forward. "What would that be Rachel? I mean, Kora? Or was I-"

"Right the first time. Go on."

He paused for a second as the coffee arrived then went on. "You have been watching me all night, don't think I haven't noticed. You have been quieter then usual, and you have that look in your eyes that says you have something that you want to talk about." He lowered his voice and fixed me with his gaze. "What is wrong with you Kor-Rachel?"

I looked down and fiddled with the coffee cup as I answered. "Where did you disappear to? don't say Italy, I know you weren't there."

he sighed and I looked up to him smiling. "That's my Rachel. Jumps straight to the meat, forget the pudding. As for my whereabouts, I was indeed in Italy. Granted, the stay there was brief. Where I was at…I can't tell you. Not yet."

I Laughed. "Top secret, you are being watched or something like that? Get real."

"No, it's not that serious. The people I went to go see, they are…picky about who knows what about when." He glanced at the waitress who was starting to clear people out. "That's a story we don't have time for here. Unless we went somewhere else."

"What?" I stood. "Then follow me."

He followed me out. "Does this mean you don't want to know and you would I rather not say?" he asked hopefully.

"No." I got on my deep blue motorcycle and he got into his red truck.

"Where we going Kora slash Rachel?"

"Just follow. We are going to be able to talk freely where we are going. Something's telling me we are going to need it."

With that we zoomed into the nght.