Keeping Faith Alive

The war had ended many lives
But in the death he lifted his head
Determined that they would survive
Refusing to acknowledge it was dead…

He crawled with wounded legs to her side
Cradled her in his arms, down at her he looked
Whispered softly a secret he wouldn't dare confide
In any other, but she was the crook

That from him had stolen his heart
But he didn't care to take it away
Because it would never be torn apart
If she were there at the end of every day.

And suddenly a break in the clouds above
Bathed down on them a heavenly light
Whispering winds told of his undying love
And his willingness to stand and fight

Gently he ran a hand along her delicate face
Smiled at her through impending tears
Wouldn't let her die alone in this place
Been through too much through the years

Despite his pain he rose to his feet
Holding her tightly against his chest
Until he felt a gentle rhythm, a heart beat
Coming from the woman's breast.

He stared up at the light from the sky
Closed his eyes and absorbed its feel
Unbeknownst to himself, he had started to cry
Knowing that together, they both would heal.

His tears of sorrow becoming tears of joy
Bathed in a beautiful light of gold
Reciting the story of a girl and boy
That no one's ever told.

"Don't give up my love; we'll see it through,"
He nudged her lips gently with his own
Breathed his life into her, and only knew
All the years together they had grown

He'd forgotten everything in his past
Left behind all the ones who let him down
Giving her a chance to be the one that lasts
A queen this king had decided to crown.

Her eyes slowly opened and he released a gasp
A happy sound that coming from deep in his soul
Her body he held tight, her hands he did grasp
And for a moment he lost complete control.

But he was willing to keep faith alive
And the tears streaming now were all of pleasure
Knowing that together they would survive—
Forever a young man owns his treasure.