This is (as the chapter says) just the Prologue.
It has information needed to understand a bit of what's going on in the plot better but if you wish not to read it, it is possible to still understand what is going on.
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The location was unknown to me. I was told that I wasn't supposed to know where I was or what the mission given to me was about. Probably because the person who gave me the mission didn't know what it was either. No big deal, though: that was how most of my missions started off as. All I would have to do was go my designated area, blend in with the crowd, talk to some people, and find out anything unusual about the place. Usually 'the unusual' would come to me before I got to it, or him, or her. I was used to that too. That's what I was good at. Riding the conflict into a resolution. Oh, my apologies, I meant we were good at this sort of thing.

By 'we' I meant myself, Ryume Kazemizu, and my best friends Hikuro and Skylar. Yeah, they were guys, but I loved them. My girl best friends were back home, doing whatever they were doing-I didn't even know.

On another note, 'we' came from the world called Kingscreek. There, the supernatural stuff was normal and we pretty much were known everywhere by the citizens of that world. There, people with creepy physical traits, incredible strength, and just any other kind of supernatural trait were common. Well, I wouldn't say common. The only 'supernatural' in Kingscreek were a part of the group me and my friends were in. Our group doesn't have a name, but people either called us something along the lines of heroes, protectors, defenders, or some other made-up stuff I've never heard of before. But it was true. We were all of the above. Hikuro, Skylar, and myself were only three of over a hundred members that had a special talent they were either born with or given to them by accident or purpose. Our group took these people in and gave them a family they didn't have. No, we're not freaks, just different kinds of people.

Of course, with every large group of people, must include leaders to maintain order. We had six. They went in a specific order by strength, but are all respected by everyone, even those who aren't within the group. The first three leaders of this said group are also the founders. They're the ones who were always 'destined' to have the most extraordinary powers of them all and to be the most powerful. Some people called them Gods, but they didn't agree. They even made a joke by replying to them saying they've already met a God, when they aren't even religious.

Yes, this group has over a hundred members and counting. Some live with the rest of the group in a large mansion inside the center of Kingcreek, while others either go back to their own worlds or wander Kingscreek, in search of a different life but still staying a team member, always ready to return if a crisis happened. The mansion was magnificent, yes, but it also changed a lot. The foyer would sometimes change shape but still keep each bedroom the same on the second and third floor. The grand staircases would sometimes split on either side of the walls in the front, instead of staying one wide case of stairs running down the center of the foyer with its lush red carpet. On certain occasions, it would even turn into a ballroom for formal meetings or dances that included important individuals such as the mayor or even president.

The leaders of this group not only are powerful and know what they're doing, but they're also kind and fun to be with. They would roam other worlds, on missions, but go to a high school at the same time and act like the normal teenagers they are, other teens not knowing they can kill them with a snap of their finger.

But they weren't killers. They had made a vow to never kill unless the time was extreme. Each one of the leaders had the power to kill, but promised to never to do so, for they believed it was wrong and not worth they're time.

The best part that normal people admired them about: They never aged.

Even once you've joined the group, you also will not age. Your hair will grow, your memory will grow, and even your emotions will grow and mature and develop, but you will never get a wrinkle on your beautiful face. Another thing: Every member seemed to have at least one beautiful feature. It may not have been a beautiful face or the body of a model (even though most of the members did have such things) but maybe more of a peaceful side such as a smile or the ability to make tall flowers grow. Either way, every member was loved by another and was accepted.

Well, not exactly. Just like with any other large group (supernatural or not), there's drama. I would know because a lot are pin-pointed at me. Maybe it was because i attracted a lot of attention from both supernatural and normal humans. I couldn't help it: I always got kidnapped or was always targeted by the enemy. Usually it would be the leaders who get targeted because of their power. Or usually it would be a weaker member being captured and used as bait or trade. In the end, we got them back, but there was usually an injury or two normally involving the emergency room. That was another plus: we healed a lot more quickly and could sustain more pain than others.

An example would be of Hikuro just the other week: he was caught in a car chase trying to get me (as I was once again captured) and got shot in the arm with a simple gun that was big enough for a human to lose control of the car and crash. He, however, kept driving and managed to rescue me and at the same time getting injured in additional places. Right now, he was moving just fine and was completely healed. No scars either.

It was good to be a part of this team, saving the innocent and bringing down the bad. We really were like super heroes. Except more public. In Kingscreek, most of us modeled and appeared on most commercials, magazines, or billboards advertising something. We were everywhere in Kingcreek and you either were used to us heroes walking into a coffee shop, or running up to us asking for an autograph and a kiss.