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Lunch was great even though I felt like a pig. I had ordered a pretty filled burger and ate all of it too fast, chugging it down with some good ole' fashioned Cola. Skylar and Hikuro were staring at me as I finished my drink and ordered another one, probably wondering why they had fallen for me. But I wasn't too worried about it. We don't usually have a full-course meal so I was chowing down to bring my strength back up from my full weeks of work. Hikuro was the first one to say something when I started working on my fries.

"You need anything else, Cupcake?" He said it with a surprised tone in his voice but I saw the amusement on his face.

"Just a dab of ketchup," I said, grinning at him.

He laughed at me and shook his head, taking a drink from his soda. My next round of soda came and I drank some out of that too. We had already discussed what we planned on doing later tonight to surprise the big boss man, and quite frankly, it took a lot of insisting to get the plan the way I wanted it to be. In the end, after continuous mentioning of how I was the one who got captured and bloodied, the men finally gave in and agreed to my plans. I shouldn't have been, but I was pretty excited at what my plan was and how I was going to carry it out. I was going to make sure I kept my word and embarrassed the Hell out of this guy who caused me and Reuben grief.

My ringtone for a text message came on in my phone and I blushed at my favorite song that played. I brought up the new text and read it to myself, feeling my smile grow. "All right, put your fries in a to-go box and let's head off to the 'po po' station." I stuck another fry in my mouth and motioned for a waiter to bring a check and a box. Hikuro started to eat his leftovers faster and Skylar, not touching the rest of his side, looked at me and asked if I was serious about going now. "Yep. That was Ash and he said whenever we're good to go the chief is waiting for us at the station. He said he's willing to do whatever needs to be done to bring this guy down." I grinned at the last part and Skylar agreed with my enthusiasm as his lips curled into a soft but mysterious smile.

We paid, left, and were at the police station within half an hour, standing outside the chief's office, waiting to be brought in. The glass on the door was clear but there was a sign covering our vision to see the inside. I looked over at Skylar and he shrugged, not sure if we should knock or just walk in. I lifted my hand to knock when Hikuro suddenly opened the door himself and walked right in. I made a face at his back with Skylar rolling his eyes beside me. He still had some manners to work on.

A large man with a cropped head stood up from his comfy desk chair behind his large, cluttered desk. "You must be Miss Ryume, Mr. Hikuro, and Mr. Skylar. I'm Officer Hanes." He walked around the desk to meet us and shook all of our hands. His grip on my hand was tight but in a polite way, and I decided I immediately liked him. "It's good to meet you, I've heard a lot about you from Ash." He motioned to the chairs in front of the desk as he made his way back to his own and frowned at the lack of one more chair to seat all of us. "Let me get you another chair." He turned his body to go back to the door but was stopped as Hikuro and Skylar both said "No need" and "Don't worry about it."

I made myself comfortable on one of the two chairs and crossed my legs with my back leaned against the back of the chair. Hikuro stood next to me while Skylar positioned himself against the side wall, crossing his arms and making sure to keep an eye on us and the door.

"It's nice to meet you too, Officer Hanes." I said smiling professionally.

"Now," He settled back in his seat and crossed his arms over his muscular chest. "What are your plans?"

"I'd first like to ask you how much you're willing to trust me." I said.

He frowned at my response but tilted his head in a way that said he was thinking fast. "I've known Ash for a long time and he has full complete trust in you, no matter how much of a teenager he seems to act like sometimes." He smiled at the thought and I couldn't help but smile with him. He was so right. Ash may have seemed like the regular teenager that looked around twenty or twenty one, but he could act as if he was sixteen or fifty years old. His physical looks don't match what he's actually seen in his long life of way more than just twenty or so years. The whole not aging thing does that to someone.

"So whatever you decide to do I'll back you up." He quickly added, "Unless it's just ridiculously stupid. But I highly doubt that we'll have a problem with that."

I kept smiling at him in a polite way. "I appreciate this, Officer Hans. I promise I'll have this man in cuffs before the night is gone."

He laughed, "Ash warned me you would say that. Something about making sure you carried out your promise to embarrass this guy, eh?"

"Yes sir." I didn't bother to hold back how proud I was when I said that. I heard Hikuro chuckle quietly beside me when I said it.

"So," Officer Hans leaned forward and put his elbows on his desk, staring at us head on with eager. "How do we start this?"

All the preparations were set and ready to go once I stepped out of my shiny black 2012 Mustang and onto the sidewalk of 'Jokers.' Hikuro got out with me and we watched Skylar go drive off to park the Shelby Cobra. The night was hot and humid for an odd reason and I was glad I wore short shorts and a cute top that was flowy and loose instead of tight for once. The knee-high heeled boots made my legs sweat underneath the leather but it was worth it because of how much it matched my outfit. Hikuro, on the other hand, was probably hot as Hell. He had his dark blue jeans stuffed in brown working boots and his favorite tan trench jacket over a muscle shirt that had ripped sleeves so it served as a tank top for a guy. The muscles shirt was white but the jeans and coat must've made him sweat like a pig.

I nodded to Hikuro and he nodded back, following my lead into the club. There was no line tonight. As expected. After what happened that night, no one wanted to be here in fear of getting into something dangerous. Especially with all that glass falling on their heads and the sound of gunshots being heard everywhere right above them. I was actually surprised they still had the place open. Shows how great security is around here.

We made it inside and the blast of AC chilled us to a comfortable temperature, leading us to the bar for a drink. I grabbed the only empty seat left and was still surprised at how much people still decided to show up tonight. The room wasn't packed like last time, but it was still full and people were chatting away as if nothing had ever happened. The man beside me stared at my low-cut shirt when I sat down and Hikuro noticed, immediately moving behind me to mold his stomach against my back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and played with the hem of my shorts, making it obvious that I was his.

The man eventually turned back to the blonde bartender after a few more seconds of staring. Instead of going to him, the bartender went to us and looked straight at me instead of Hikuro, which was what I was expecting. "What'll it be sweetheart?" She was leaning forward on her elbows and her breasts were smashed against the counter top, exposing miles of cleavage to me from her barely-there shirt that was also see-through.

"I'll have a Bud." Hikuro said against me.

The blonde never looked at him and asked me again, "What about you, cutie?" She moved forward so her shirt rode lower down her chest. Oh God. She was flirting with me, not Hikuro.

"Punch with a shot." I said, keeping my eyes on her face.

She didn't like the eye contact but eventually said, "Sure thing honey."

I watched her walk off and rolled my eyes, massaging my temples. I felt more than heard Hikuro laughing behind me and I started to laugh too but in a more weak way. He liked the scene with the lesbian but I didn't. Still laughing, he leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Maybe she was bi."

I rolled my eyes and flicked his nose, making him laugh more and jump back in surprise. "Not helping." I looked towards the door and found Skylar at the entrance searching the room for us. His eyes met mine and he walked over, his long black jacket trailing behind him like it was alive, and his black combat boots making heavy thumps on the hard wood floor. He too must've been burning up, especially from the walk here from the car with his tight white spandex tank top and black jeans tucked into his boots didn't help.

He ordered a beer like Hikuro and leaned against the counter on his side, blocking my view fully from the man who had stared at me earlier. Not that I minded. With him this close to me, I enjoyed the sight of his hard stomach and the smell of his cologne still lingering on him from the shower. I smiled at the thought of him with his shirt off and he noticed me staring. He looked down at me and raised an eyebrow, smiling, obviously knowing what I was thinking. I shook my head and turned my chair around so I could look at Hikuro and Skylar.

"Let's get this over with. The entrance to upstairs is in that corner." I motioned with my head the direction of the door that led to the stairs and they both nodded, understanding where it was.

Skylar spoke up as I started to lift myself out of the bar stool. "You sure your pet demon will show up?"

I looked up at him, remembering what I had told him before. I knew Reuben would be here. Whether he meant he'd see me soon as in tonight or not, I still had a gut feeling he'd be here, watching us. Maybe making sure we were okay. But all I did was nod at Skylar, assuring him I knew he would be here if not now then soon.

We made our way to the door and, making sure we weren't being watched, stepped through the door and closed it tight behind us. Ahead of us, not two feet away, were stairs that led into a u-turn corner at the top. With Skylar behind us and Hikuro leading the front, we all silently walked up the stairs and waited for Hikuro to tell us it was safe to turn. When we realized why he said it was okay, I felt my confidence sink when I saw a door around the corner. It was a fancy door and didn't match any of the rest of the interior of the building on the first floor. I thought about when they had dragged me everywhere while I was zoning in and out of consciousness and tried to remember if I saw this door anywhere. I decided I hadn't and ignored the thought. Either way we had to go through this door.

So Hikuro knocked. For once.

And luckily we all stepped out of the way once we heard the safety release and the gun blast through the door and out the window. Instead of glass, there was wood on the window as if someone else had shot through it before, and the bullet whizzed right through it, making some splinters fly on the floor and hit our backs.

Hikuro stepped out of the way while Skylar swiftly got his own gun out and got on his knees, firing from the floor around the corner. We heard grunts and thuds as bodies fell and I made sure to turn my ears on a less sensitive level so the gun shots wouldn't make me deaf. Skylar stopped firing and stood up, nodding towards us telling us the coast was clear. We all entered the room and stopped. A dead end. I frowned and looked around the room. Book shelves, pictures, frames, file cabinets, chairs, but no other doors. Great, what now?

"Looking for the secret entrance?"

The sound of an unfamiliar voice come from behind us made us turn around with our guns at the ready, pointed at the man who had spoken up. The man was grinning and had his hands up in a way of saying he had no weapons. He looked towards a book shelf near the desk behind us in the room and said, "You might want to check that book shelf." I gritted my teeth and imagined Skylar and Hikuro doing something similar. We should've heard him sneak up behind us.

"Babe." Skylar said and it gave me permission to take my eyes off the intruder to look behind us. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary but opened up my senses a bit to find that there really was a door behind the book shelf. With my senses turned on to a stronger level, I saw a haze in the bookshelf and the door sitting behind it. To see it clearly, I concentrated harder and found the door there crystal clear. I mentally slapped myself for missing it and not paying closer attention. This whole 'cover your identity and powers' thing was getting to me and I kept forgetting to turn that switch back on.

I walked to the book shelf to examine it and sure enough that was a lever that made the shelf unlock from the wall and open up to reveal a heavy door.

"How do you know about that?" Hikuro asked, his gun unwavering most likely at his chest.

"I work here."

"What kind of work?"

The man grinned, his white teeth glistening. "The dirty work."

I examined him more carefully and his normal short blonde hair that was set in waves around his head. He had brown eyes that showed amusement and his clothes were street clothes. Chains, belts, and cuss words on his clothing. He matched the description completely.

"Where's your old man at?" Hikuro asked.

"Upstairs hiding from you."

"You wanna lead us to him?"

The blonde shrugged, "Why not?"

I frowned and imagined my two men in front of me do the same. "Are you serious? Just like that?"

He shrugged and grinned again, "Yeah. I want out of his shit anyway. Too much work." With that, he raised his arms and stretched, acting like he was cracking his back.

Hikuro turned his head to give me a look and all I could do was shrug. I sighed and tucked my gun in my back behind my belt so it wouldn't fall out but was also easy to get to if I needed it again. Looking back up at the smiling blonde, I couldn't tell if I would still need it or not. The dirty work was still flashing bright lights in my head, warning me to keep an eye on him. "We can't stay here all night. We'll go on up with Skylar first and me in the middle with…" I trailed off, not knowing the blonde's name.

His amusement never went away, " Call me Cass."

"Right. Cass." I motioned for him to come forward so we could go past door number one. "Let's get this done."

Still smiling, he casually followed Skylar past the door with Hikuro still pointing a gun at his back. I squeezed my way through Hikuro and walked in front of him but still making sure he had a good line of sight of where his gun was pointing at. We reached the end of the hallway and had the choice of turning left to a dead end, or right and up a staircase.

"He's on the fifth floor." Cass said, knowing we were going to ask sooner or later.

"I know." I said, recalling when I had jumped out of a window from the third floor.

Cass's grin grew wider. "I thought you would. That was quite a jump."

I glared at his back. It wasn't a secret about what had happened that night, but the fact that he knew and even saw it happen made me a bit mad for some reason. Hikuro urged us forward, "Keep moving."

We made our way up each flight of stairs, looking at the bullet holes in the walls as entertainment and boarded up windows. The memory of fighting alongside Reuben almost made me smile and I had to stop myself. True, we had made a good team back there, but does that mean I could trust him now? My mind was telling me no but the rest of me was saying yes. It made my smile sizzle out of my muscles and cause me to keep a straight face. I'll figure Reuben out later. Now was the big bad guy's turn.

The fifth floor was when our footsteps had to be silenced. I had expected guards at the stairs or in front of the door, but when I found none I started to get a bit suspicious. Bullet holes and dents in walls made it look like a riot had happened in the hallway with all the paintings and doors on the floor, cracked and torn apart blocking our path. We stepped over the doors and paintings and I heard Cass chuckle in front of me. "You made quite a mess."

"I didn't do all of it." I muttered half to myself.

He heard me and chuckled again but was silence by Hikuro who 'shush'ed him.

The door at the end of the hall was the most suspenseful part of the night. We all surrounded it in a half circle and stared at it as if it would start talking to us. Skylar looked between all of us and raised an eyebrow at me, asking what we should do next.

"Knock five times then kick the door." Cass suddenly said. We all looked over at him and gave him no sign of emotion from our confusion. He grinned at our straight faces. "It's our secret-" he made air quotes "-knock for allies."

"Right." I rolled my eyes. So cliché.

Skylar decided to do the whole awesome knocking job and took a step back with his gun raised after he kicked the door. Hikuro put his free arm in front of me and pushed me behind him with his gun out.

The door started to open and a voice started talking before the person even saw us, "It's about time, Cass, we were starting to-" He stopped once the door was open enough to see us and gaped, his eyes wide with shock. I saw Cass grin but didn't find it funny. The person who opened the door was a kid and I knew we couldn't shoot a kid, even if he looked like he was around sixteen.

"Who is it?" The boss's voice sounded from behind him and I saw Skylar motion to the kid with his gun to open the door wider. The kid opened the door wider ever so slowly, looking like he peed his pants.

The boss sat on a steel chair and had the room almost full with men, most likely all of his bodyguards. Once he saw us, he immediately stood up and jabbed a finger in our direction. "Get her!"

I couldn't help but smile at him. All his men started to fumble for their guns and we took that opportunity to head inside, push the kid out of the room, tell him to run, and shoot some arms of the unprepared men. Hikuro started to yell at the men to drop their weapons as he shot into the room and at first they didn't obey. I even had my gun out and was yelling at everyone too. Skylar was more of a silent killer and kept quiet as he shot at arms with extreme precision. They eventually started to drop their weapons once they saw that half of their men had bullets in their arms and were yelling in pain on the floor.

The sound of guns clattering to the floor and arms being raised over head filled the room. I smirked and put my gun up at an easy reaching distance and walked over to the big boss. He started to walk backwards and jab more fingers at me, "Y-you stay away from me! I'll kill you, nice and slow, I will!"

"I'd like to see you try." I said, putting my hands on my hips.

Skylar pointed his gun at the crowd of men with their hands above their heads, "Get out." They didn't need to be told twice.

"What are you doing?" The boss yelled. "Get back here! Capture them. They're just two men and a whore."

Okay, I've had enough of that word. I turned and gave him a roundhouse kick to the face. He stopped talking and fell to the floor, holding his mouth with both hands, his eyes too wide for comfort. He looked at his hand and saw blood, making him gasp and gape up at me. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Embarrass you in front of the city." I motioned him to the door. "Let's make this easy."

He stood up, still staring at us with wide eyes. Then his eyes went to Cass who was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed, of course, smiling. "Cass. Help me. You can take them. You can take anyone!" He started to beg for him to help him but I just pushed him towards the door and past Cass with Hikuro and Skylar following behind. His begging continued and didn't stop until Hikuro 'accidently' tripped him down the stairs on the fourth floor. I gave him a glare but ended up smiling when I turned my back to him after he just shrugged at me.

"No one messes with my girl, simple as that."

"I'm nobody's girl, sweetheart."

I got a grin from both of my men. But in just a few moments I was the one who was going to be grinning. We made a show with the boss as we walked through his own club with guns pointed at him, scaring his customers and making them run out or back away from him. Some even called the police. Were they in for a surprise when they stepped outside.

The humid air hit us and made the back of my neck instantly wet from my long hair and I decided to worry about it later when I saw the flashing blue and red lights surround the area under the dark clouds. There were around five police cars parked in front of the club and plenty of media vans with reporters ready at their microphones and camera men ready to go back to filming. There was yellow tape in front of the audience and citizens from all around the city were at the tape, crowing around the media vans and other people trying to get a video in of the event.

I smirked and nudged the man forward. He had stopped walking and stood still and had his mouth parted in shock, his eyes wide again. His eyes were frantically searching for anyone he knew but with no luck. All of his men were being loaded into large black vans, already handcuffed and taken care of. Mr. Hans was the first to meet us and I saw he was enjoying himself as much as I was. He stood in front of us and twirled a pair of cuffs around his fore finger, his face holding a big grin.

"So you're the one who's been causing us all Hell." He motioned to the media behind him with his thumb. "These guys have been dying to find out who you are."

The man just stared at him dumbstruck, his fancy suit and perfectly trimmed haircut not looking so spiffy anymore. All he did was shake his head. Then he whispered out in a barely audible sound so that only me and Hikuro and Skylar would be able to hear him with our good hearing, "You will pay."

Boy, did he have some balls. I rolled my eyes and took a small step backwards behind him before jumping up and kicking him in the back, sending him flying forward and flat on his face. He coughed and started sending curse words in my direction.

"He's all yours." I said, putting my hand on my hips.

Mr. Hans didn't stop grinning as he shook his head and bent down to cuff the broken man. The boss who had lost everything.

I was proud to say I was the cause of it. But, of course, with the help of a new friend. I looked behind me to look up at the roof but stopped halfway when I saw a figure sitting in a hole in a window. I saw the long coat drape along the brick building and a long leg hanging off the window sill, the other knee bent in a comfortable sitting position. Something swung back and forth against the building, as if it was a thin tail, and I blinked to look closer at the building. But after a second blink, the figure was gone. I smiled and knew I'd see our new friend again soon.