Of treasure and ships with many masts,

Of scurvy dogs and landlubbers,

Of waves and sand,

And sun and moon,

Help us sing the pirate song.

First sing of the gold buried deep in treasure chests,

And then of island paradises,

With sand smooth and white,

Then sing of the treasure maps and the big bright 'X's',

Sing of the Captain with the sword at his side,

Sing of the skull and bones,

Sing of fire and mayhem,

And the cannon shots, that stand alone.

Sing of the parrot that's said always to be,

on the Captain's right shoulder.

Think of the first mate,

And the way he plots to take over.

Sing of the poor guy up in the crow's nest, and the one that steers the boat.

Then of the rest who stand around,

'Til someone finds a boat to de-float.

Sing of all this and then much more,

For the pirate song delights.

This was a poem I wrote a few years ago. Hope you enjoy.