Forged in fires at the heart of Hell,

Cursed with a tongue wreathed in flame

Made of ashes from bones which ground repel,

It curses the once living and puts them to shame.

Many a laugh stolen by her word

From mouths of unsuspecting purity,

The screams and cackles are drawn, unheard,

All ears in blind obscurity.

And yet, this evil one it seems

Despite the things I hear and see,

To have a heart of gold and deems

I worthy of her company.

A devil may she be to those

That think her mad and know her not

She'll strike them down and deal them blows

Much harder than they've ever got

before. A true friendship is this,

Laughs drawn in pain from laughs of old.

Comfort in times of woe and bliss,

Insults forever swapped and told.

Those stupid thoughts I used to own,

And gaze upon with blinded eyes.

You only reap what you have sown -

Now we are the strongest allies.

Though wicked she may seem to some,

So perfect does she seem to me.

A truer friend will never come

To I – Aye, this I do decree.