I wave goodbye, hiding my fear that he will not return,

he gives me a smile and I know I must hide that fear and find my hope.

I am facing the enemy,

I hate to shoot but I know I must because each shot is a step closer to home.

As the battle slows I look around me,

and I cry for my long gone friends and hope that the injured will be all right.

I help my silent friends, move the dead and wounded,

I remember that they are still here and all is not lost.

I stand in the door of the hospital,

watching the nurses and hoping they can save them all.

I write to my family,

knowing that they would want to know I`m still here.

Tears gently trickle down my cheek as we bury the bury the dead,

in the middle of the night.

The lost shot rang through the air, the enemy is retreating,

the war is won, I can`t help myself I whoop in delight.

I am given a painful job, as I go slowly down the street to deliver the letter,

I see countless families in the window fearing the worst.

As I stand in front of the crowd, I do not hear their applause, I am back in battle,

when I come back to the present, I can`t help but feel that I should not be honored but those who have fallen should be. I hope that we will be remembered by student s and teachers and people everywhere and that all soldiers past present and future will all be remembered as heroes.

I wrote this in Grade 6. It won the local legion contest.