This was my first English assignment of the year... We were supposed to write about a setting that frightened us in the style of Emily Bronte. I really doubt I sound anything like her, lol. I can't suck the modern out of me. But I tried. xD I had to delve into my childhood fears... that big window in the kitchen at night. It STILL manages to creep me out. I just keep expecting to see a phsychotic face pressed against it with a chainsaw... bleehhh. Just read the little paragraph, haha.

Eyes of Glass

The window was there, dark and cold and empty, as I slowly peered out the doorway, planning on how to evade its gaze. But escape was impossible without it seeing me. It had no way of harming me; it was a simple square of glass. It had no weapons – not a hand to hold a knife, certainly not to grab me with. It had no legs to chase after me with, not even a single eye to see where to run. And yet, every night when I walked past it, I could feel it glaring, hear its footsteps behind me, suffocate as its hands covered my mouth, and fail to scream as it quietly cut me open… But of course, it was never real; it was just a window, nothing more. It would never be anything more than a window.

I dashed across the room as quickly as I could, and it took a whole of five seconds for me to get to my bedroom and turn on the lights. I could feel its eyes the entire time.