The wind ruffled her hair, playing with it, teasing it. The wind shuddered about her body, blowing about her dress, caressing her arms, kissing her red cheeks.

It chilled her. Made her give a shiver, but it was also her dream. She didn't mind. The sweet kisses it gave, the gentle sighs. It all represented what she couldn't have.


A life she chose for herself.

She was stuck where she was until the day she died, and maybe, when she was freed from her earthly bonds, when the shackles were lifted, the chains fell away, maybe, just maybe, then she could get her wings.

But for now. She could not fly away.

The ocean roared in front of him. Showing how strong and mighty it was, even when being as docile as a kitten, soft but with a bite.

The waves lapped at his bare feet, spray drifted to his face, falling in his hair like diamonds. Kissing each cheek, leaving marks. Brushing on his arms.

He gave a shiver, because, no matter how hot the day, the ocean was always cold. Showing how heartless it could truly be.

He leaned against the spray, for it represented everything he could not have.


A life for himself.

Right now he was stuck where he was. Frozen forever in this prison in which he had never left. Caught between a world that was war ravaged, and staring out to a world that was beautiful.

Maybe someday, when the prison door opened, when the chains were removed, when the bars all faded, maybe then, just maybe, he could dive into the ocean, and let the current carry him away.

There was something out there for both of them. The life that they both wanted was so tantalizingly close, drifting about, driving them mad.

She reached forward off her balcony, as though to touch the dying breeze to take her with it wherever it was going.

Rain began to fall around him, coming down so thick that he could not see the ocean as the tide faded away. He reached out a hand, as though to touch the last of the diamond spray, begging it to capture him with its wily love, to drag him somewhere far away.

There was something out there for him, maybe he wouldn't have to wait to find it.

The colours swirled together, blurring, reshaping. The world spun around in endless circles. Flashes of light and darkness. Colour and nothing. Just spinning. Spinning out of control to where she wanted to be.

The world spun back into focus. Before nothing could be seen, Just whirling and spinning. Shapes, merging, flowing apart. Sewing themselves back together. They flew apart for the final time, pushing in different way. Going out of control to where he wanted to be.

A shooting star. A desperate wish. Just take me away from here. Take me somewhere far away, so that I am no longer here. Drag me to the depths of the ocean, take me to the highest of heavens. Just take me away, she begs as the night grows silent.

An eyelash land on his finger, he blows it off into the night, and it carries with it a wish. A hopeless wish. Get me away from here. I cannot take this prison anymore. Trap me in a fiery volcano, lay me to rest on a cloud. Just get me out of here, he begs as the world stills around him.