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Chapter 3

Ohanzee had done it. He'd gotten the warriors to accept him in their little circle. All was true about their plans to shed blood. They were so excited it made him sick to his stomach.

Never had Ohanzee understood the thrill the men had for killing. He understood killing for food but to kill another human being rather they be Indian or white was another thing. Killing is only justified if it's to save a life.

At first, the warriors were skeptical that Ohanzee wanted in on their raid. It took more than a little convincing but in the end, Ohanzee had won them over. Only he hated to pretend excitement about putting the whites in their place. His main concern was getting his brother Black Wolf, Leanne, and the baby hurt in the mix. Surely the warriors would leave them out.

The whole mess turned Ohanzee's stomach; he had to stop them before they went too far and it was too late… but how? His Toe-ta trusted him to find a way. What if he couldn't?

Ohanzee wandered away from his loud camp once more for a walk.

Before he realized what he was doing, he found himself in the same place he found Kaitlin Wycliffe a few days before.

That young woman would be caught up in the throng for sure since she was a Wycliffe. She was a walking target, ready for the taking and it was only a matter of time before someone made the first move.

Feeling the start of a headache coming on, Ohanzee plopped down on a rock beside White Tail creek. He sighed heavily, staring down into the moving water. His face stared back at him; it wasn't the face of a leader—at least to him. Everyone always said he looked just like his father. If so, then why couldn't he act and be brave like him?

The water rippled unnaturally in front of him and Ohanzee looked on the other side of the creek straight at Kaitlin. She sat on her knees and was skipping rocks, looking lost in thought. Feeling his gaze though she looked up and blanched. "You!"

Ohanzee stared back at her in shock, "Me?" blinking in confusion. What kind of greeting was that?

"Why are you here?" her voice held accusation, "Did you follow me?"

"Follow you?" Ohanzee didn't mean to echo her words backs. Scowling, he crossed his arms, "No, I didn't follow you, Miss Wycliffe."

The look in her eyes said she didn't believe a word and irked the Nez Percé. He took a step forward into the creek and she backed away.

"Come nowhere near me, you dirty Indian!" Kaitlin shrieked as if Ohanzee would hurt her.

Ohanzee paused in his steps in annoyance. "Just hold on there, miss. Who are you calling a dirty Indian?" he'd never felt such offense in his life. Taking advantage of the shallow creek, Ohanzee went across it. Ready to give Miss Kaitlin Wycliffe a piece of his mind.

Eyes widening, Kaitlin backed away quickly. Her mouth dropping open in surprise as Ohanzee only kept walking closer.

There was genuine terror written all over her face and Ohanzee felt a bit guilty for terrorizing the poor girl but only for a second…

"Please don't come any closer!" Kaitlin held her hands up, shaking her head frantically.

Stopping a few feet away, Ohanzee furrowed his brow. What was he even doing?

Backing away, Kaitlin fled the clearing and nearly tripped in her haste.

"I'm sorry," Ohanzee said to the empty air.

Kaitlin pressed a hand to her pounding heart; it was beating so fast she was sure it would beat right out of her chest.

Why had she done that? Deliberately, she'd angered the Nez Percé and he'd come after her. Kaitlin hadn't been sure whether he truly meant harm or not but she had refused to stick around and find out. So like a coward she fled, collapsing against a tree when the Indian, Ohanzee was out of sight. Better safe than sorry!

Kaitlin stood still for what felt like hours until she finally had enough courage to dash home. Which she didn't hesitate to do in a most unladylike manner where Kaitlin normally would never be caught doing such a thing.

Running headlong in breakneck speed, Kaitlin wilted to the ground in front of her family mansion, gasping for breath. Never had she run so fast in her and finding herself looking behind to make sure 'he' wasn't coming after her. When had she ever become so paranoid?

"Since Father died," Kaitlin mumbled as she slumped even more so to the ground which refused to swallow her up no matter how much she willed it to.

There were no following footsteps coming after her, meaning she could finally relax.

Now Kaitlin could only hope they never set eyes on each other again. Never could she bear such embarrassment another time; especially since the young man understood everything Kaitlin spoke.

"Stupid… stupid… stupid!" the girl ground through her teeth.

Footsteps plodded across the lawn toward her spot on the grass and Kaitlin snapped her head up.

"Kaitlin Wycliffe, why are you sprawled across the grass?" came her mother's surprised voice.

Wasting no time, Kaitlin shot up from the ground to brush her skirts off with a vengeance. Dirt and leaves flew off with the wind. Looking up, she stuttered. "Well you see—" Think Kaitlin think! "I saw a most unusual flower that I had to see it closer." It sounded like a fib even to her ears.

Clara Wycliffe only shook her head and went about whatever task she was going to.

Giving a great sigh of relief, Kaitlin headed into the house.

Ohanzee stood in the same stance as earlier where Kaitlin had fled the scene acting as if he were trying to kill her. The whole ordeal had Ohanzee gaping like a fish. All he'd done was walk toward her… well he tried to scare her a little.

Groaning from a sharp stab of pain in his temple, Ohanzee headed back toward home.

The nerve of that girl. Never in a million years did he ever question himself before. The way Miss Wycliffe made him feel; like some rabid beast ready to attack at a moment's notice.

A part of him wanted to see her once more just so he could prove that he wasn't a beast.

Clenching his hands into fists, Ohanzee stomped into his family's village camp. "I'll show her!"

"Show her what?" a voice boomed from behind him, making Ohanzee jump straight up into the air. "Ah!" his yelp could be heard across the forest and plains.

Laughter followed a smack across his back and Ohanzee turned to glare at his brother Black Wolf.

"Who's a her? What are you even talking about?" Ohanzee feigned innocence.

Black Wolf crossed his arms, quirking an eyebrow at his behavior.

"It's nothing to concern you, brother." Ohanzee hastened his steps towards their family's tepee, hoping Black Wolf would let it go.

"Now I am more than just curious," Black Wolf said right on Ohanzee's heels despite having a profound limp.

Ignoring Black Wolf, Ohanzee yanked the flap back from the tepee.

"My sons," Bear Claw welcomed them both in. Their Eetsa was just pouring stew into bowls.

The smell had Ohanzee's stomach growling. He'd forgotten how long ago it had been since he ate.

Black Wolf turned down a bowl saying he had to get back to Leanne soon. He'd only come to hear more about the threat on the townspeople. The set of Black Wolf's jaw betrayed how worried he really was, considering him and Leanne were also townspeople. The rogue warriors would end up hurting them in the mix.

"They plan to strike in two days at sunset," Ohanzee couldn't help but frown. The thought he would have a front row seat left a foul taste in his mouth. The stew he was eating turned sour on his stomach.

Black Wolf stiffened.

Sarah placed her hand on her eldest son's shoulder in reassurance. "You must bring Leanne and our grandchild here for safety."

He nodded, "But I can't sit back and wait for the raid to be over. I have to stop this nonsense."

Bear Claw made a sound between a groan and a sigh. "You mustn't make Leanne a widow again. She needs you so don't do anything stupid."

Ohanzee didn't miss the slight twitch of annoyance in his brother's fingers.