A.N. - This came from a contest to write a poem lacking repetition, so not a word was used twice. If you notice otherwise, please point it out so I can change it.


Huddled shivering
quaking from fever
which will not go down,

Bangs drip sweat
eyes clench shut
as night goes ever slower,

Clock's hands crawl forward
ticking by minutes
that seem an eternity.

Let me nod off, please,
this waking dream's unbearable,
sweet oblivion surely awaits.

Full moon taunts outside
streaming weak light in
pitching strange shadows about.

When is rest coming?
Eyelids bat once, twice
but refuse to stay closed.

Thrumming fan blades above
keep my mind active with noise
and do little cooling.

Sun peeks over horizon,
sleep a memory unrealized -
the disease lives another day.