I gradually attempt to open an eye lid, I feel myself strapped down, unclothed and my limbs are tied to the corner of the bed making it impossible for me to escape. I struggle to break free, the harder I try the more pain I experience; the rope begins to eats my flesh away, exposing it to the air. She walks over to me dangerously; with every step I hear the surface of the ground crack.

"Huh... W-Why am I naked?" She stands before me, looking straight down at me with her hypnotizing eyes. I begin to panic and my breathing starts to accelerate.

"Who are you?... Why am I here? What do you wantfrom me?..." I probe her with all these questions that are somewhat rhetorical to her. She remains silent then speaks.

"That doesn't matter, Maxine." She knows my na- SHE KNOWS MY NAME?

"How do you know my name?" I demand to know.

"STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS!" She screams at me then turns her body around, facing the wall and mumbles something to herself. She hastily turns her head in a ninety degree angle and stares at me wickedly. She walks with swagger and throws her feet on the corner of the bed, showing off the thing she called 'heels', it seems sharp and easy to penetrate something with.

I cringe at the thought of it piercing into my skin; she raises her smooth, freakishly long leg and places her heel softly against my stomach, it churns beneath her touch.
She moves her face close to mine, to the point where I could feel her breathe against my skin, I try to desperately move my face away from her gaze but she holds my head still with her witch-like hands forcing me to look deep into her endless eyes.

Her heel sinks into my skin but not penetrating it, forcing me to endure the pain as she is entertained and sickly satisfied.

"Having fun?" She laughs loudly, her voice echoing in my ear.
"Yes." I reply with a little whisper.

She stops laughing. Her eyes widen, not expecting what I had just said to her. It was as if I betrayed her, stolen something of hers.

She sits on top of my naked body; her weight applies pressure down on the area between my legs, causing me to release a little gasp within my lips. She smiles at me and bares her surreal, white teeth. Her eyes remain staring at my lips; I knew this wasn't going to end anytime soon.
She then picks up her finger and brushes it against my skin, a tingling sensation builds up within me; I react with an unexpected twitch. She knows I'm enjoying this.

Moving a little lower, she caresses my body as she moves down towards my stomach.
She places her face on the top of my crotch and licks my body. From the lower part of my body up to my chest, my heart beats faster and I'm more desperate than ever to break free.
She kisses my neck repeatedly; breathes against me, then licks me and kisses my neck again.

"Arrgh!" I belch out and move my head side to side.

"Having fun are we?" She says with an evil smile across that face of hers.

She places the back of her hand, softly brushes it against my jaw line and places her soft hand on my cheek. I close my eyes, strangely enjoying the sensation of her touch.

"I know you want me." She assumes.

I dart a look at her.
Her grip tightens and her sharp nails sink into the back of neck.
I open my mouth to shriek in pain but before I do so she quickly presses her lips hard against mine. She parts then stares at me, expecting some sort of reaction from me.

"If you're not going to play along, I'm going to let you go. You're boring me."
She walks over to the corners of the bed and unties the ropes.
Freedom! I thought. I rub my wrist, comforting them from the pain that throbbed beneath my bare flesh. I watch her as she walks away from me.

"Umm... And wheredo you think you're going?" I look at her confused.

She continues to walk away. I run to her, grab a fistful of her red hair and lock it between my fingers. I insensitively pull her hair so hard that her face is stuck to mine, I whisper in her ear.

"Oh, and did I give you permission to leave so soon?" I throw her onto the ground and watch her squirm on the floor, crawling on her knees. I bend my body down, both my hands on my knees so that I was in level with her.

"I don't think so." I say to her, giving her a fake smile.

She smiles at me, she stands up, brushes herself off then jumps on me and attacks me with her nails, digging them into my back, she therapeutically enjoys every moment as I struggle to break free from her touch. I grab a hold of her and throw her on the bed; I jump on her and hold her arms down so that it was nearly impossible for her to harm me in anyway possible.
I laugh and she screams. I tell her to shut up and she spits on my face. I tell her that now she knows what it's like being tied down and she looks away, avoiding my gaze. I tell her to look at me and she refuses. I threaten her but she doesn't listen.

"Fine, be that way." I tell her, unsatisfied.

She looks at me and when she does, I kiss her passionately. I was scared that she would bite off my tongue but it was worth the risk, as we make out I let go of her arms and she wraps them tightly around my body, officially making me one of her possessions.