The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A story of a day at the mall gone horrible wrong, and one friend's loss in a series of confusion.

Window shopping round and round

Suddenly a booming sound

Chaos ensues over here

And magically you disappear

I cannot find you my friend

But trust me this is not the end

I will search both high and low

There will be no boundaries, no

There, I have spotted your head

The bad man filled it with lead

What to do, your eyes are dead

Tragedically that was the end

To window shopping round and round

Suddenly that booming sound

Took you far away from here

But we will meet again my dear

This I Promise You My Friend

Author's Note:

My first ever posting on this site, but I have a fanfiction account so I believe it is mostly the same. Please leave any and all thoughts in the reviews, I love all feedback! I wrote this while failing to write my college essay, and mainly write poetry when I am trying very hard to find the write words for a situation or emotion. Expect weekly updates on this account. Love you so much for reading this, so let me know who to love by reviewing, and I take requests!

Written August 5th 2011, published August 31rst.