Whaa? Guys, i'm back again! I told you man. I'm like Arnold Swarchenegger. I totally just butchered his last name. But anyway! The idea for this story literally came to me out of nowhere. I had just gotten out of the shower and I was blow drying my hair and it suddenly popped into my head. I had to cut off my dang hair dryer and get out a notebook and a pen to write it down, or else I would have totally forgot.

Here's the full summary (The dang 255 character limit killed me): Logan and Emily are best friends but both are holding something back: their love for one another. A tragic event takes place and Logan is forced to leave behind the only girl he's ever loved. He leaves, promising her that he will come back to her one day when it is safe. Five years later, he returns to find that things have changed. Emily is with another man, but there is more to this story than meets the eye. This leaves Logan fighting for her love. Do things truly change? Or does Love Never Die?

Just a warning, this is the first story i've ever written where I haven't finished it completely. With my other two stories, I had already written them out in composition books and they were fully complete. But this one, i'm thinking it up as I go along. There's two parts to the prologue and I'm writing the second part right now. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the updates won't come nearly as fast as they have with my other two stories. Not only because I don't have this story fully thought out, but because i'm doing my senior project and shit's about to get serious. Sorry, i'm watching a movie and they just said that and I died laughing :D Haha but anyway, I think this story has a very interesting plotline; it's kind of darker, but just as romantic as my other stories have been. I so hope you enjoy it! :))

Prologue-part 1

I was eleven years old when Logan Richardson moved into the house across the street. The previous owners, an elderly couple who had been together since their freshman year of college, had moved to Florida a month ago after Mr. Clayton retired from the local police department.

The house was put up for sale and numerous potential buyers came to look at the place. For some reason, every previous buyer had turned the place down. That is, until the Richardson's arrived.

The Richardson's were a father and son looking to relocate from New Bern, two hours away. I had watched every potential buyer from my window, eager to catch a glimpse of who could be my new next door neighbor.

When I saw the boy, he looked about my age. It was weird but, when I saw him, I wanted him and his dad to get the house; I hadn't felt that way about any of the other people that had come to see the house. I had no explanation for it and I still don't. I know it was no coincidence though.

Mr. Richardson bought the house and he and his son moved in. My mom invited them over for dinner when they got moved in but, strangely, they declined; or rather Mr. Richardson declined- I don't think Logan had a lot of say in the matter.

They were very quiet neighbors. The only time there was a car other than Mr. Richardson's in the driveway was when the babysitter was there. Mr. Richardson worked as the manager of the Starbucks downtown; he worked long days and the babysitter was there almost all day. Soon after they moved in, Mr. Richardson enrolled Logan in the elementary school assigned to the district- my elementary school. He enrolled Logan on a Friday and Logan started that following Monday.

Logan was a quiet and shy kid; the kind of kid that other people passed by and didn't notice. He rode my bus and then ended up being in my class. He was ten minutes late and all eyes were on him as he walked in. He apologized and said that he had gotten lost. He shuffled his feet before my teacher smiled and showed him to his new seat- the seat right beside mine.

He sat down and I instantly smelled cigarette smoke on his clothes. He looked over at me and I smiled as our teacher continued the lesson. Before we went to lunch, she called me and Logan up to her desk. We looked at each other before walking up to her. She informed me that I was to be Logan's 'big buddy', which was ironic because he was the tallest in the class while I was shortest.

I was assigned to show Logan the cafeteria and the playground. I also had to sit with him, both in the cafeteria and on the bus. And, anytime we had a group assignment, she always paired us together.

That day, we walked to the lunchroom in silence, we ate in silence, we walked around at recess in silence and it wasn't until we got off of the bus that afternoon did he finally speak for the first time. His voice was deeper than I expected it to be and it surprised me when he said,

"Thank you for showing me around today." He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he turned around and headed across the street to his house. Before he reached his door, I finally called out to him,

"My name's Emily by the way- Emily James." He turned around and, for the first time, he smiled,

"My name's Logan- Logan Richardson." I smiled and he waved to me before he turned around and walked inside.

I think it's safe to say that I was Logan's best friend- his only friend. He never talked to anyone in class, at lunch, at recess or on the bus. I had other friends- a lot of other friends actually- and Logan would always tag along whenever I saw with them at lunch or played with them at recess. He was quiet and shy and all of my friends thought he was weird. Had I not been assigned to be his 'big buddy' I probably would have ditched him. I'm so thankful my teacher assigned me to him.

Logan ended up being in every single one of my classes from that year forward. How? I have no idea. I guess the big man upstairs had a master plan that included us both.

The more time we sent together, the more Logan opened up to me. The more he opened up to me, the more I opened up to him and the more I opened up to him, the closer we became. The shy and quiet boy that everyone thought he was, ended up being the sweetest and funniest person I've ever met.

He did things his own way and at his own pace and, while everything thought he was a freak, I found him to be the complete opposite. I had never met anyone like him and every conversation and every time we hung out was special.

All throughout high school, he was labeled as the freak and the loner. What everyone didn't know was that he was never alone- he had me. I was the popular cheerleader; head of every club I could keep up with. He was the boy everyone thought was a freak.

Even though he wasn't popular and didn't have many friends, Logan was the happiest guy I've ever met. He doesn't let anything anyone says to him affect him. He says the joke is on everyone else because I, the popular cheerleader, am his best friend. I say the joke is on them too because no one has the privilege of knowing him like I do.

It's ironic isn't it? The pretty, popular cheerleader is best friends with the guy that nobody wants to be around. I could care less about what I know everyone says about me behind my back. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy, but it's the exact opposite; they're all crazy for riding him off so quickly. Even my parents ride him off. They're nice to him whenever he comes over, but I can see it in their eyes that they don't approve of me hanging out with him.

When we were younger, I asked him where his mom was. He would always say that she went away, though he would never say where. It was almost a full year later when he finally told me what happened. What happened to his mom was the reason him and his father relocated from New Bern to Wilmington.

Right before he moved to Wilmington, Logan's mom was murdered in a violent attack. He was with his mom when it happened and, six years later, he can still see it happening like it was yesterday. They were all coming back from visiting his grandmother up the highway; his dad was driving, his mom was in the passenger's seat and Logan was in the backseat.

Their tire blew out and his dad pulled over and his mom got out with him to change it. While they were changing it on the dark interstate, his dad walked about a half a mile down the highway to the gas station to get a flashlight.

Logan was in the back seat of the car, listening to his MP3 player and neither saw nor heard the man come out of the woods. The man grabbed his mom from behind and slammed her up against their car. Only then did Logan see him and, being the eleven-year old boy that he was, he cried and did nothing.

His mom motioned to be quiet and to lie down on the floorboard and to say nothing. He followed his mom's instructions and crawled to the floor, putting his hands over his ears. The struggle between the man and his mom lasted only mere seconds before Logan heard gunshots.

What happened next was blurry for him and he could only recall bits and pieces. By the time his father returned form the gas station, the gunman had fled the scene. He faintly recalled his father breaking down at the sight of his mom's body. He put her in the back seat of the car and Logan held her head in his lap as his father flew to the nearest hospital. When they finally got there, it was too late; Logan's mom had died in his lap.

The next few weeks were a blur for him. They buried his mom and his dad put their house up for sale; his father couldn't stay in the house knowing his wife would never again be in it with him. We were sitting outside on the curb before school, waiting on the bus when he told me.

"I didn't want to come here; no part of me did. I didn't really have friends at my other school and, despite what had happened to my mom, I was happy there. Or I thought I was happy. I guess I was just scared to pack up and move to a place where I didn't know anybody."

"That's completely understandable; I'd be scared, too." He smiled,

"I'm glad I moved here, though."


"Of course. If I had never moved here, I would've never met you."

They never caught the man who murdered Logan's mom. There was no D.N.A. evidence at the scene; it was like the man had disappeared into thin air. It's plagued Logan for years and, now that we're older, it's especially hard for him. He doesn't really like to talk about it but, when he does, I can see how much pain he's in. He said I was the only one he talked to about it.

I don't know when it happened. I can't pinpoint when or where in our relationship; all I know is that it hit me like a ton of bricks. If people knew, they would think that I was going insane. I basically had the choice of any guy in the school but that's not who I am. You would think that, since I'm a cheerleader and head of all of the clubs I'm in, that I'm stuck up and snobby. I wouldn't blame you for thinking it because that's what I used to think, too. People compliment my long, brown hair and pretty face, yet no one compliments the real me- the person I am inside. The only person to do that has been Logan.

Like I said, I have no idea when or where it happened, but falling in love with Logan was something I had no control over. He's the only one who knows me- the real me. I've lived across from him for six years and I basically grew up with him. He's eighteen and I'm now seventeen and we're about to graduate from high school. People think we're the complete opposite; me, Emily James, the popular girl whose name everybody knows, and Logan Richardson, the loner and 'freak.'

People tell me I could have any guy I want. What they don't know if that the only guy I've wanted is my best friend. The guy i'm in love with is Logan.

:)) So, like I said, the prologue is in two parts. I've never done that before, but I think it's a pretty cool idea. So, guess who's perspective we'll be hearing from next chapter? Yes, retired Mr. Clayton in Florida! Bah no just kidding, we'll be hearing what Logan has to say. So, this chapter was Emily's point of view and next chapter will be Logan's. The story will mostly be in Logan's point of view but there will be a time when there will be a consecutive set of chapters from Emily's point of view. You'll definately be able to tell who's it is, I promise. I'm almost done writing the next chapter and what I like to do is write a chapter and then write the next one before publishing the first chapter I wrote. Does that make sense? It helps me make sure I have another chapter to submit should something happen and I can't update for a while *cough cough senior project* It shouldn't be too long of an update time. If I see it will be, i'll definately give you a heads up. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! :)